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Jul 30, 2012 05:23 PM

Inkas [San Francisco] - La Lengua Chronicles Part 16

Date dined: 7/17/12

Had a quick dinner here and found it pretty good. Bread was served with a spicy, garlicky dip which I liked a lot. Maybe my favorite part of the meal. Pollo a las brasas was good, but i thought the chicken could have been a bit more tender. Half-chicken was a big portion, served with slightly greasy fries.

We also had arroz con mariscos, which I thought was only okay, as it was lacking in flavor. It contained shrimp, mussels, and calamari, none of which were overcooked, so that was a plus. On a neighboring table I saw the chaufa de mariscos, which is fried rice (as opposed to 'Peruvian paella") and this looked better.

My dining companion had a Cuzqueña she pointed out, the beer was a nice match for the food.

This past weekend (so, two weeks later), I ate at Limon Rotisserie for the first time (not part of La Lengua). I think I prefer the Limon experience over Inkas, and the prices aren't that different. I thought the chicken at Limon was a bit more flavorful (maybe also just saltier?) and I liked that they offer sweet potato fries (Inkas does not list this as an option on the menu)

3299 Mission @ 29th Street

La Lengua Chronicles:
Dave MP

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  1. I'm a big fan of Inka's as they easily have my favorite rotisserie chicken in the City. I'm not aware of any garlic dip though. Could it have that most amazing yellow Peruvian pepper sauce they serve? I always ask for extra to take home. Great folks too. Inka's is a very underrated family run restaurant, IMO.

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      Yes, I think it is the pepper sauce. I thought there was garlic in it as well, though I might be just remembering wrong. Need to write things down sooner than 2 weeks later! :)

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        Just saw this. I totally agree with this being the best rotisserie chicken in the City.

      2. Dunno about sweet potato but they used to have yucca fries:

        It's a testament to how many good/great restaurants there are in the Bay Area that I haven't been back to Inkas since a very enjoyable chowdown there in late 2009. The yellow sauce still haunts me...

        Glad that the rumour they were closing in late 2011 appears to be only that. We still have time to make it back!

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          I keep keeping an eye on it for you!