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Jul 30, 2012 03:26 PM

Picanha Burbank

I had a soon to expire Groupon so the wife and I went down there Sunday evening. I was very disapointed indeed. The food on the hot table was barely lukewarm. The cold food was fine. They dropped a few slices of garlic bread on the table that were cold, greasy and heavily charred. The gauchos came out infrequently which means we sat a lot waiting to be served cold food. Two of the three chicken offerings were cold and very dry. Some of the beef was tough and had a lot of gristle. On previous visits (a long time ago I admit) I never had any problems with anything at Pichana which is why I am so surprised. On a Sunday at 6pm the place was 10% full at best and now I know why. I say save your money and go elsewhere. I don't see how they survive.

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  1. thanks for taking one for the team.

    1. They've been going down hill. i find brazilian joints are getting pricier for what they serve.

      lunch time is prob how they survive, you don't get as many meat selection, but enough to get yourself content.

      M grill is nice, but they're charging close to fogo's price, but not F de C's quality and quantity.

      gauchos village in glendale is around picanha's tier.

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          M grill is one level up from picahna in burbank. but still lower than fogo.

          worth a try. def make a reservation, the place is not big and is more on the intimate side.

      1. That's sad to hear. Picanha was my first taste of Brazilian BBQ when they opened ~10 years ago, and they used to be great. Not Fogo de Chao great, but for $25 a pretty spectacular for what it was. At the time, it was a pretty unique experience.

        Mr Taster

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          Mr T-I feel exactly the same way. It WAS great and really unique in these parts years ago.
          Miteymike-I reread the post and see now that M Grill is the real name. I thought it was an abbreviation of the name.