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Jul 30, 2012 03:09 PM

Vienna - Cafes

I will be on vacation in Wien beginning 31 August - 13 September, off to Budapest in the morning of the 13th, then returning to Wien for a day on 22 September before flying back to SFO on the 23rd. I will need to do some work, which mainly involves reading e-mail, but no more than 30-45 minutes each weekday. I'd like to do this in the morning, fairly early (8:00 am) and would appreciate advice on which cafes to visit and which to avoid. Good breakfast venues especially preferred. In my own, personal research on this subject, I must say that I have found a lot of disparate advice. Thanks in advance!

P.S. Will be staying in 1060, but location is really not an issue. I am an early riser (generally by 6 am) and enjoy walking or taking public transportation to other districts.

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  1. The Cafe Drechsler at the corner Linke Wienzeile/Girardigasse is open 24 hours a day with the exception of Monday, when it closes between midnight and 8 a.m.. It offers breakfast and WLAN.

    Cafe Sperl on Gumpendorferstrasse opens at 7 a.m. and also has WLAN.

    Many other cafes and restaurants offer free WLAN, and there is even an iPhone App called Freewave which lists many of these free WLAN spots.

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      Thanks, Sturmi. I see at their website that Cafe Drechsler reopens on September 3, so my timing is perfect.

      Are there any cafes in the Innere Stadt which are still TRULY worth a visit? I've read so many mixed reviews with regard to value and service. I went to Cafe Hawelka several times on my first and only previous visit to Wien back in 1988 and would like to visit some of the others, but would like some specific guidance if possible.

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        The inner city cafes are mostly unchanged. Cafe Bräunerhof, Engländer, Korb, Frauenhuber, Tirolerhof, Diglas, Mozart, Sacher, Schwarzenberg and Prückel come to my mind, but there are more. And there are new ones, Cafe Hofburg, Cafe Griensteidl, and Cafe Markusplatz.

        Hawelka is unchanged, only the old couple Hawelka is now dead, the cafe is operated by their grandchildren.

        Vienna does not change fast. People say: if the world comes to its end, come to Vienna, where everything happens twenty years later...

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          Thanks again. On a separate matter: while I will be with friends for most evenings, I will have many lunch hours as a solo diner. Am hoping to visit Rudi's, Heidingers, Schilling, Gasthaus Sperl, etc. Would you recommend reservations for a table of one? Also, I speak fairly gut Deutsch, but what's the best way to ask for a table of one upon entering the restaurant when it is crowded? "Haetten Sie einen Tisch fuer eins?" Oder?

          1. re: denholt

            Reservation is a must for very few places only, usually those which are either very small AND very popular (Rudi´s Beisl) or just the latest "chic and trendy" place (e.g. Mochi on Praterstrasse).

            All other places iare usually not that crowded, and at Heidinger, Schilling, Sperl you can always get a table - or a single seat at a shared table - without reservation.

            The correct question is " Haben Sie einen Tisch für eine Person ?"

            1. re: Sturmi

              Vielen Dank! und schoenes Wochenende.