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Jul 30, 2012 02:13 PM

Destination Brunch Spot in from Manhattan

Looking for a great place for a Manhattan couple to drive to for lunch on saturday...originally were thinking Blue Hill, but don't necessarily want to go that crazy. Just looking for somewhere within 90 minutes of NYC. Looking for a nice drive, great food, relaxed vibe...any suggestions?

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  1. I'd look into North or Modern Barn in Armonk. I haven't been to either for brunch, but they are 2 of the best dinners I've had in Westchester. Oh, or The Barn at Bedford Post, that was also a delicious dinner.

    1. X2O in Yonkers. They supposedly have a fabulous brunch, and on a beautiful day, the views of the Hudson River are spectacular.

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        Second X20...or, if you want to drive to Rockland County, Restaurant X (also in the Xaviars restaurant group) has an amazing brunch which consists of tableside service of countless courses accompanied by unlimited champagne.

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          Thanks to all - all sound like great choices...all pretty close to the city, too...I'm using zipcar, so time is of the essence!

          If anyone else has more suggestions, I'm all ears! I love options

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            I have heard the brunch at X is better than X20. And more food than you will know what to do with. That being said, you might want a designated driver if you like mimosas or bloody marys

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              They're different. The X2O room (and view, obviously) is much nicer than X, and I think the service is better. With X2O, you order 3 courses off the menu and they bring 4 other dishes around (Coconut Shrimp, Tempura Tuna Roll, Mushroom Ravioli and Lamb Ribs). At X, everything is served by waiters bringing stuff around. With X2O you can take leftovers home. With X you can't. At either you get unlimited champagne/mimosas (or Belini's if they do nit run out of peach juice like they did last time we were at X2O). I did not think they included Bloody Mary's.

              I should probably give X's brunch another chance. We used to love it when they did it in Garrison.

        2. What about Half Moon in Dobbs Ferry. Another great view.

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            For the Half Moon or X2O you don't have to drive from the City. Both are just a short walk from their Metro North stations.

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              Has the food and service at Half Moon gotten anywhere near the level of the views? It used to be awful

            2. Re BH, why not eat at the cafe and then walk the grounds.

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                I was going to suggest the same, but last time we went to SB on a Saturday, it was so crowded we literally had to eat on the floor in the courtyard after waitiing on a long line for our food (and I don't think the food at the cafe is anything special, although the grounds are certainly destination worthy). Re-reading the OP, they want Saturday lunch, not Sunday brunch--I may be wrong, but I don't think the "X" restaurants serve lunch on Saturday. That said, I agree the food at North is very good, but the atmosphere is ordinary...Perhaps Crabtree's Kittle House?

              2. I dont think x2o is open for lunch Sat, otherwise that would be the obvious choice. I like Tavern in Garrison and think it is a picturesque setting for an escape from Manhattan. Weekend daytime service can be slow, though. Boscobel is nearby and the grounds are gorgeous. Half Moon's food ranges from mediocre to excellent depending on what you order. The outdoor menu is very limited but the drinks are excellent (I love their mojitos). It is very crowded though. Red Hat would be a great place to sit outside (Irvington- also very crowded) and the food is better than Half Moon.

                If you want to go a little further north, you can sit in Birdsall House's (Peekskill) beer garden. Or head up to Beacon and make a day of their cute main street (POppy's, Beacon Creamery,etc.) and Dia.