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Jul 30, 2012 01:41 PM

Campo di Bocce (Livermore & Los Gatos)

A friend just checked-in from the Livermore location, so I have to ask, who's been there to tell us about it?

Found some older mentions of the original Los Gatos location, mostly as a party site. How's the food?

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  1. The other reports mention passable food. I think that's about right, non-memorable but nothing offensive or weird, as I remember from going twice. As mentioned best for groups, work or party stuff. Bocce first, food second.

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        Booze could be inserted first on the list, depending on the parties you're with......

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          Well, one person says passable food and another says more than passable, which is why I asked for updates.

          I spoke briefly to the friend who was at the Livermore Campo, and he described the food as good, better than it needs to be for that kind of a place. He praised the bocce courts. He had a good time playing hooky from work. Don't know if booze was involved. :)

        2. I went there a couple times for holiday work parties. Food is fine and we all had a good time. If I wanted to play Bocce, I'd head over to Marin and go to Bar Bocce or even just to check it out for the food.

          1. My family hosted a birthday party for our father there last year . Food was good, particularly appetizers and salad. Typical family style standard Italian, and reasonably priced. Bocce on the attractive patio was lots of fun (with a bit of training since we were a group). This was in Livermore. I'd consider it again for a family group or party. Group event staff were helpful and easy to work with.

            I was surprised by the (large) numbers of couples and small groups dining but not playing Bocce or watching the games. I didn't think the food was THAT good.

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              I agree with Susan, and it gave us all something to do together which made the party a lot of fun. I think the birthday boy enjoyed sitting there and watching the games while he drank his wine:-) Outdoor patio area/bocce courts are attractive. Food was decent...also agree that I liked the appetizers the best; I remember there being several that I kept going back for.....

            2. Campo di Bocce is a tradition for my family! We always play outside and order drinks, which tends to make the last couple of games "interesting". I find the appetizers to actually be only okay, while I have had some really great pizza there- very flavorful and fresh tasting.

              I too have found it odd that couples and families eat there and just observe bocce. I don't know that I would go there for JUST the food, the whole bocce ball atmosphere is what makes it such a neat place, in my opinion.

              Also, the service is sometimes a little lacking. They tend to get pretty busy on summer nights and can forget to come check on you. Because of this, we always just order wine by the bottle so we can pour it ourselves :)