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Jul 30, 2012 01:36 PM

Starting job near Bowling Green -- lunch and coffee suggestions, please

I'm starting a job this week downtown near the Wall Street bull sculpture. Not my favorite neighborhood, though the commute is sweet from Brooklyn. What is good for lunch and, more importantly, is there any good coffee down there? I drink drip coffee black, so I'm quite persnickety about it. I like Intelligentsia and Stumptown, but in a pinch can do with Pret coffee. Any good standard coffee in the neighborhood?


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  1. Fika may do in a pinch. It's decent but not my favorite.

    There's a Jack's Stir-Brew at 222 Front Street. Good chocolate chip cookies as well. Maybe too far of a walk for you from Bowling Green as it's right by South Street Seaport.

    You might find the "Downtown Lunch" section of Midtown Lunch helpful.

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      The Financial District is a coffee wasteland. Kathryn covered the two main ones, neither of which I care for. You can sometimes get a tolerable cup of La Colombe at La Maison du Chocolat on Wall St - they have three tables for in-house drinking. Maybe you can switch to drinking hot chocolate, in which case you'd be all set. There's also Financier Patisserie on Stone St, serving fairly execrable Stone St Coffee (roasted in Brooklyn), and a newly mentioned cafe written up in Midtown Lunch (also mentioned by Kathryn above). I haven't been and know nothing about their coffee. Here's the article:

      If you see the Love truck lurking about, avoid at all costs

      1. re: Peter Cuce

        Wow. This is depressing. My old job was located in Flatiron and I was addicted to the coffee I could get at My Way Cup. I'm not a huge Fika fan. Is there a Pret down there? Totally bums me out. A great cup of coffee is a pleasure to drink, a bad cup is an absolute chore.

        1. re: vvv03

          Where do you live in Brooklyn? Maybe it's time to invest in a good travel thermos.

          1. re: Peter Cuce

            I live in Park Slope. There is some stumptown available in my neighborhood, but there's something about the takeout coffee experience that sort of compliments my work day (my husband would roll his eyes if he read that, as he hates the new American tradition of always having a beverage in your hand as if you were walking through the Sahara!)

    2. Robusta is a newly opened coffee bar in Hannover Square that might be worth checking out. I haven't tried it yet though. They just had a "soft opening" last week.