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Jul 30, 2012 12:50 PM

Cirque/Mix/Cut advice needed

We are heading to Vegas in October all the way down from Switzerland. We have 3 nights and picked Raku and Sage for the first two dinners. As for the third one, we are torn between Le Cirque, Mix and Cut. We are looking for a mix of great food and trendy happening atmosphere. I feel that Cirque is the best in terms of food, however signature dishes at Mix and Cut might match the standard and at the same time offer a more trendy setting..? Would really appreciate any helpful insights!

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  1. cut could arguably be called "trendy", and the food is very good!

    1. While I haven't dined at Mix, I've dined twice at CUT, and four times at Le Cirque. The food and service are much better at Le Cirque. Neither would be considered "trendy".

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        I think I created some confusion with "trendy". I kind of meant an atmosphere opposite of the one common in most great Swiss restaurants, that is quite rustic and reserved. I'm not looking for anything romantic, rather a place with a great interesting vibe and great food to match. Thanks for the replies btw!