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Jul 30, 2012 12:15 PM

dinner for 40th wedding anniversay in Paris ..... cost is no object..... but read on :- )

My wife and I are traveling to Paris in early September to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary.

We are looking for a memorable restaurant .... someplace that has a great view to celebrate on our anniversary dinner .... I tried for the Jules Verne, but they are booked (and our hotel could not secure a reservation).

Yes, I know it is expensive, yes it doesn't rate any (any?) stars ...... but the view !!! Something we would remember long after the bill is paid :-)

Now, to be truthful, we are looking for an experience ...... both of us can retell stores from NYC, Grenada, Madrid, Rome Athens, London San Fran (well, my wife loves the Shrimp Louie in San Fran) etc ......... but generally we would be hard pressed to tell you what we had for a main course. :-)

If asked to choose, we would opt for "Traditional French" ...........

Open to suggestions ........again ..... French Traditional, a view ....... cost is no object

And I would PAY a premium to get a reservation at Jules Verne, so if you have any secrets ........pass it on !!!!

TIA ...........

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  1. Paris is not good for views so it limits options. The best is probably Tour D'argent (all tables look over Notre Dame) and it has more history than just about anywhere else. The food is very very classic French and whilst it has dropped from its three Michelin starred heights I hear it is on the rebound. It is formal so pack. Jacket and tie - and it is superbly memorable.

    PS. I thought JV was starred...?

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      If you are fixed on le Jules Verne, I'd try the online reservations function over and over... and have the hotel concierge keep trying too.... cancellations are common

      if I were celebrating my 40th anniversary, I'd also consider le Grand Véfour in the Palais Royal ... no rooftop views but the outlook onto the gardens and arcades of the Palais Royal is more intimate and romantic

    2. I was just thinking of Grand Véfour too. The view of the room is mind-blowing. The view outside, the Palais Royal garden, is not shabby at all. That's where I would have a multidecade anniverary.
      Which reminds me: Congratulations on your anniversary. You deserve a great celebration.