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Jul 30, 2012 12:02 PM

Which no knead recipe do you use for pizza dough? Freezable?

I found one from bone appetit but it makes alot. Can you freeze it? at what stage does it go in the freezer and what do I need to do to it after it thaws?

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  1. I like Jim Lahey's no knead recipe:

    Regardless of which recipe you choose, freezing pizza dough is pretty common.
    It is, after all, quite common to find frozen pizza in the supermarket. Your choice is whether to freeze it raw, partially cooked, or fully cooked and whether to top it before freezing or afterward.
    I prefer to freeze the raw dough in a ball, tightly wrapped in freezer quality wrapping, and thaw it for a couple of hours before using. However, topping the pizza and par cooking it works pretty well also. I don't like freezing a pizza that's topped and ready to bake because it is difficult to get the crust fully cooked inside before the outside is over browned and nobody likes pizza with a gooey center.

    1. I too use the BonAppetit recipe. I have frozen the raw dough balls many times with good results.

      1. Here is Bittman's recipe, which includes information about freezing and thawing.

        1. you can leave the pizza dough in the frig for DAYS upon DAYS. the flavor gets BETTER with time.
          Well,at least my kneaded ones do.