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Jul 30, 2012 11:29 AM

Dinner With Pastatarian Teen in Paris

We will be in Paris August 8-13, staying in the 9th near Cadet Metro but planning to hit the general tourist spots. Looking for ideas for dinners appropriate for a family with teens. Our daughter is a picky semi-vegetarian and we do not want to be forced to eat only in Italian restaurants. She would be happy to eat mozzarella/tomatoes and pasta with pesto every night. She does eat shrimp but all other formerly living foods are out. Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Are you saying you are looking for restaurants that cater to her taste but not Italian, and the rest of your group are giving up on decent food?

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    1. Choose any decent restaurant from the board and trust the menu will have sufficient variety. Salads, vegetable dishes and cheese boards are universally available in France thus she won't starve, and who knows she may learnto appreciate a broader range of food. But if you really want to pander to her every whim then there are Italian restaurants that will have pasta and other italian foods.....but these artless common in French restaurants.

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        I was hoping that some of you who are so knowledgable about Parisian menus could point me to some specific places, for example Maceo which offers both meat and vegetarian menus. Maceo is of course closed in August.

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          Restaurants in Paris with French cuisine and vegetarian dishes do not grow on trees . It is not as though we were withholding great addresses from you. We were also not sure what you were looking for as your OP was not clear. Thank you for clarifying.
          So you are no longer tied to pasta, right?

          The only restaurant that I noticed that serves French cuisine and serves a vegetarian main dish is Café des Musée. You can check if it is open August.
          The menu has one vegetable starter and one vegetable main. If she is picky and does not like those two, it's curtains. This is as big a concession as a good Paris bistro, who always has a rather short menu using fresh in-season ingredients, would make.

          You can also check the August opening/closing of these restos:

          Best of luck.

          Lastly, I have great respect for my vegetarian friends. Picky semi-vegetarians are just picky, right?

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            They might be able to cobble something together at Au Clocher de Montmartre. I had beef but if I remember correctly the menu was/seemed rather flexible (salads, eggs). And the food is good, the people sweet.

      2. There is a fine Italian, RAP, on rue Rodier, however it is very upscale in quality and price. The menu may not appeal to teens.

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          More info on RAP, please, Oakglen. It is on my ??? list.

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            Quite good, Mangeur. And it has a nice Italian grocery across the street, not as good and inexpensive as Cisternino, but not bad at all. There is a very nice Sicilian cheese that goes with the cheeses.

        2. Would your family enjoy couscous or Vietnamese food?

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            Thanks for all these great suggestions. Upscale Italian is fine too. I will look into these and hopefully find some serving a salade au chèvre chaud if not pasta. Tomorrow the picky teen joins us and we are going to Amboise where it seems there are few restaurants that are CH endorsed, but I hope mediocre pizza is not all we will find. We will be in Paris next week. Barberinibee, we would live a recommendation for a good Vietnamese place if you have one.

            1. re: jmarlowe

              Pho14 Banh Cuon, avenue de Choisy, for good pho soup and huge crowds if you can stand that (go at an off hour)
              Pho Mui on avenue d'Ivry for equally good pho soup (sometimes better) and no crowds (yet)
              Do not neglect the Cambodian restaurants at the lower end of Chinatown (Wong Heng, Tricotin, Melinda) and superior Laotians like Lao Thai and Lao Viet.
              Pho Bida Vietnam on rue Nationale.
              All these places are located in the South Chinatown triangle, 13th arrondissement, between place d'Italie to the North, avenue d'Italie to the West, boulevard Massena to the South and rue de Patay to the East.

              Couscous: two great addresses not too far from each other;
              L'Atlas (Moroccan), boulevard Saint-Germain, and Chez Hamadi (Tunisian), rue Boutebrie.

          2. My friend who lives in France enjoys La Locanda 8 rue du Dragon in the 6th
            I hope to eat here later this month for a change after a week in the French countryside.

            LUNCH SPECIAL 20 euro
            An apetizer from our antipasti table followed by the pasta of the day.
            Apetizer can be changed to a dessert of the day.
            DINER SPECIAL 35 euro
            A choice of apetizers,followed by a choice of pasta dishes and our desserts that appear on the board.
            GASTRONOMIC SPECIAL 45 euro
            Big antipasti dish with Italian delights including bufala mozzarella and Parma ham, followed by the « trio di pasta » and homemade « tiramisu ».
            Perhaps this is a place you all will enjoy