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Jul 30, 2012 11:29 AM

August 2012 Openings and Closings

Figured I would start this thread since I can't imagine this place opening tomorrow: A b. good location is going in at the corner of Devonshire and Summer (former GNC) in Dowtown Crossing. Also looking forward to trying Shojo in Chinatown when they open next week. Any other spots opening or closing for August?

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  1. Corn & Co (popcorn) and Crumbs Bake Shop are both coming to Burlington in August.

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      Does anyone know if Corn & Co is the place that sold their popcorn at the holiday Farmer's Market (near Macy's) about 2 years ago? I used to buy the kettle/white cheddar from a vendor there that was from the North Shore, but didn't bother to save the label since the owner told me they were going to sell it at Market Basket (& it never appeared). Loved the blend - you get both the salt & the sweet. I've never been able to find any other popcorn place that makes this - they usually only do this as either white cheddar or kettle corn, never the 2 combined.

    2. I believe the sign for b good said they're opening in September (though I could have that wrong as I was in full sprint on my way to Viga).

      Belly Wine Bar is apparently opening in late August. Boston Restaurant Talk says it's located "down the steps to The Blue Room and turn left". As far as I know there's nothing really down there besides the space behind the Blue Room bar area, so I'm curious where exactly it's going to be located. This does mean that it's not taking over the Think Tank space.

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        And Bon Me isn't going into the Think Tank space, either. So for now, it looks like it will remain empty.

        1. re: hiddenboston

          Does that mean Bon Me is going into that empty space below West Bridge?

          1. re: mkfisher

            Someone has mentioned that Bon Me could be moving into that space. But the Bon Me folks told me only that the location would be "close" to where Think Tank was, but didn't specify.

            1. re: hiddenboston

              Bon Me is in fact going directly below West Bridge. There are now a handful of tables and stools in the space.

              It also appears some very minor movement has occurred in Think Tank. Silverware has been taken off tables and stools have been taken off the bar. Still says closed for repairs, yet no real work appears to have been done.

          2. re: hiddenboston

            Unless Think Tank isn't really closing and the "Closed for Repairs" sign is true?

        2. wandered by Shojo and they were unofficially open (still doing some construction, limited menu for now). Tried the pork ribs (3 for $8, tender, a bit bland/ sweet though) and the baby pig steamed buns (2 for $8, crispy skin, also on the bland/sweet side, probably would have preferred hoisin and maybe mayo over the sweet/sour sauce, and more crispy skin). Shrimp w/ angel hair and peanut sauce was ok ($15, small shrimp). Tried the Ron Zacapa old-fashioned, decent but also on the sweet side. Looking forward to them bringing an expanded menu on line after they officially open in about a week.

          1. There's a post on for a new unnamed wine bar in Davis Square. The email address they have listed is for a place called Spoke Wine Bar, so I assume that's the name. Looks like Camberville will now have two new wine bars.

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            1. re: mkfisher

              Is that possibly the wine bar that Dave's Fresh Pasta has been hoping to open?

              1. re: hckybg

                Most likely considering they secured their spirits license after a prolonged wait (could call it a battle since Somerville wanted to save those licenses for the Assembly Square development) a few months ago. I can't wait to see what Felicia and friends are putting together!


            2. Drove past Newtonville last week and saw that Brewer's Coalition (in the old C Tsar spot) is close to ready. I suspect it should open some time this month (if not open already)?

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              1. re: y2000k

                I was somewhat excited to see it when I drove past last weekend -(hoping that they might have some good beer)- then I googled it and found out its just another John Brewer's location.

                1. re: LStaff

                  But, I hear it's going to be more a craft-beer type place than a John Brewer's.

                  1. re: pemma

                    its a slight step up from john brewers-went last night-good beer list, better than the usual john brewers-it was packed. also very loud but overhead a waitress saying they had ordered sound proofing (as a sidenote: several people waiting gave up there spot bc of the noise). bf got a burger which he thought was great and i got a buffalo chicken wrap-also what i expected and was pleased it was grilled chicken not fried. we'll go back the prices were reasonable and the beer/drink list was good enough. im sure it will be crowded for a while there isnt to much over there.

                2. re: y2000k

                  Waltham Patch reported that it opened this past Sunday.