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Jul 30, 2012 11:10 AM

Where to buy Prima Taste Laksa Curry Kit?

Had it for the first time last week at a party, and it was delicious! The hostess says she buys it on Amazon in a pack of 4. I'd like to buy just one to start with. Any local sources that carries this product? TIA.

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  1. 99 Ranch Market carries it. Whatever you do, DO NOT purchase it from They scratch off the expiration dates at the bottom of the box and paste a bar code over the defaced surface. The coconut powder is rancid. I asked for a refund and got no response. Somebody should put them out of business.

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      99 Ranch Market?! I was told the Laksa curry kit was hard to find. Ha ha. Thank you, NapaSpy! Thanks also for the heads-up on's business practices -- I guess they are not looking for repeat customers.

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        NapaSpy, at which 99 Ranch did you find Prima Taste's Laksa Curry? I tried the one in Daly City and no luck. TIA.

        1. re: carolineinthecity

          Richmond #1081
          3288 Pierce Street, Richmond,CA 94804

          Top Shelf---(too high for me!)

          I also got it at the Concord store.
          But it is hit and miss, and thus better with

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            I was at the 99 Ranch Concord Store this afternoon, and they DID have it! Aisle 9, Indonesian food section, TOP SHELF, orange box at $7.29. Hope you get some before it is all gone!

        2. Prima Taste does make an excellent lakes mix. I'm glad to read it's now available at Ranch 99--I used to buy lug it back in my suitcase from infrequent visits to Singapore.

          Most of their other mixes are very good. Hainan Chicken Rice is delicious, and the satay is almost certainly better than at any restaurant in SF. The Malaysian Curry is excellent as well.

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            Agreed: Prima Taste is quick and easy.

            But just in case you have an urge to cook Laksa from scratch, get some fresh Laksa leaf from 99 Ranch. It is called "Rau Ram" in Vietnamese.

            Without this herb, it is NOT "laksa", and restaurants should take note.