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Jul 30, 2012 10:44 AM

Team Meals - Palo Alto - RWC

We are a group of parents traveling from OC with a water polo team to play in the Stanford area. There are 10 kids and they are 10 yrs. old. Our hotel is the Sofitel in Redwood City.

Looking for recs that we can eat meals together. Looking for non chain restaurants.. good pizza, some healthy options for lunch and some fun unique places.

Thanks for recs.

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  1. Harry's Hofbrau in RWC.

    Cafeteria style, areas with tables that can be combined. Don't expect a lot of service, stand in line with a tray, pay at the end, get utensils. I often get my own water, and have moved tables together for larger groups, or ask the cashier to get someone to help you. Old school comfort food, reasonably priced, full bar. They have a web site.

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      I will second that. It was the old hang out for the 49ers in the day. Large meal for players and family They also have a private dining area which I am sure you can use if you ask

      1. re: yimster

        Yes - great for older adults but would it really be a fun place for 10 yo?

        1. re: estnet

          It's fine for 10 year olds. When my kids were that age, they loved to go there. I didn't.

    2. Amici's Pizza, very near your hotel (which incidentally does not have fridges in the rooms, just so you know). Very good pizza, excellent salads with house-made dressing. Also very near your hotel, Hobee's for breakfast.

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        As per the OP's non-chain request, Amici's is a primarily Northern CA chain, but they just opened a La Jolla location: . They're good, but expect to pay a pretty penny--- their large pizzas are thin crust, 15", and upwards of $21.75

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          Here's a link to your excellent report for the unabridged version.

        2. San Mateo on 3rd and 4th ave has tons of restaurants, many asian (dim sum would be fun if the kids like that) as well as american, mexican, pizza, etc. It's on your way home (3rd ave turn off from 101).

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            Unless Sofitel moved from Redwood Shores, San Mateo is not "on the way".

            1. re: Alan408

              Oops, sorry I thought it was closer to the airport. My suggestion(s) would involve going 2 or 3 exits past your destination.

          2. Here's a list of taquerias in Redwood City, complied by a CH member:


            List might need some updating but I can recommend #2 on the list, El Grullense Grill at 768 Woodside Rd. The rest of the list should be reliable but you can cross reference.

            The space use to be a chain of some sort, so it's newer, big for a taqueria (should work easily), has TVs and is clean. The food is very good and not expensive. It is a small local chain.

            Another option is Hobee's, kitty corner from the main Stanford entrance on El Camino in Town and Country. Small local chain, diner but with healthy options and kids menu. It gets crowded.

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            1. re: ML8000

              "The space use to be a chain of some sort, so it's newer, big for a taqueria (should work easily), has TVs and is clean. The food is very good and not expensive. It is a small local chain."

              That strip mall has been there since at least the 60's. Last tenant at 768 I remember was an "Irish Tavern". Any one remember its name? Limited parking in "front", much more parking behind. Entrances both front and rear.

              1. re: Alan408

                Whatever it was, or built, it looked like that particular space was a chain before, or maybe it was re-done to look like one. Just an observation. It does have a big bar in the back.

            2. I asked my 10 and 8 year old chowpup boys and their 10 year old friend what they would suggest. Here are their suggestions

              Amicis or Howies for pizza (my husband likes the latter).
              Ikes (one at Stanford and one in RWC) for sandwiches
              Max's in the Stanford mall is a local chain (also have some chains like Chipotle and the Melt). Also in the mall the Creamery. Downtown Palo Alto, Penisula Creamery.
              Jeffrey's burgers in Menlo Park.
              Sushi - kids said Sushi Tomo is awesome! These are 10 year olds : ).
              Middle Eastern places go over well with my kids: Kan Zeman (its been awhile since we have been there), New Kapadokia,
              Cook's seafood if everyone likes that - not so healthy though.
              They also liked El Hueco - peruvian food.

              There are a bunch of places in Town and Country. I am not a fan of Hobees and neither are my kids. They don't love Calafia because they won't cook their burgers medium rare for kids, but most kids do well there. They like Mayfield - more expensive. Etc.
              They suggested some Indian places, but my boys love Indian and are pretty adventurous

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                The Creamery In PA is a good idea. Old fashioned diner/fountain. Sandwiches, burgers and, obviously, ice cream.

                1. re: jsaimd

                  I agree, not a big fan of Hobee's but it's close and very kid friendly and there was mention of healthier food.

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                    I was thinking of Howie's too with extra points for the outdoor seating.

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                      It sounds like your group is about 20 people. Maybe it's 30, maybe it's 12. Please let us knmow. That's important.

                      +1 on Max's, because they have huge portions and a very wide menu, for growing boys, and the food is quite tasty. Slightly more sit-down-ish but will be fine for 10-year-olds. HOWEVER, go to the RWC one, it's easier to park at.

                      -1 on Harry's. It's steam tray roast chicken and potatoes - very monochromatic.

                      Kan Zeman is closed, New Kapadokia is very good but a group of 20 would seriously strain them. Paradise Kebab is worth a try, great food and could use the business.

                      Jeffery's is a good choice, although pricy for what you get (a burger fries and drink will set you back about $12). A group of 20 would strain Peninsula creamery, I'm not sure they have enough seating on that right hand side to handle it without prior reservation - that being said, I love PC.

                      Taquerias - +1 the El Gruense on Woodside is a good choice, and some of the best price performance grub around.

                      Amici's, yes, it won't feel much like a chain.

                      My picks not mentioned:

                      Dutch Goose - filled with kids of that age ofter little league games. A large back room, or people find their own tables. You'll feel very comfortable there - burgers and fries.

                      Suraj - somewhat cavernous indian place, very accessible, simple stuff like grilled tandoori chicken and nan if curries don't make sense.

                      But what about chinese

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                        jsaimd -- I saw on another thread you're a fan of buckwheat crepes. I guess you know that coupa cafe on the Stanford campus has them? Pretty good. Actually, with the outdoor seating, reasonable prices and some healthy options, it's a decent choice for the OP, though I wonder if janeyoc has come and gone.

                        1. re: Glencora

                          I think that Coupa doesn't do 100% buckwheat, but I will check it out and see. We can eat the arepas though!