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Jul 30, 2012 10:31 AM

Restaurants in Fairfield County, CT with live jazz

Does this even exist anymore. I used to enjoy live jazz with dinner and it seems harder and harder to find anymore. Looking for around Fairfield, Westport, Norwalk or Darien and anywhere else in that area. Thanks!

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  1. What type of atmosphere are you looking for. If you don't mind casual, Two Boots in Bridgeport used to have a lot of Jazz nights. I know the Fairfield County Jazz Guild plays there on Saturdays at 6PM I think. And they have Dixieland Jazz on another night. I know it's crazy, but I heard that they have a hilarious Drag Queen show too! I kinda like their pizza.

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      It would be this saturday night after The Melting Pot in Darien and then we head north on 95 going home, so maybe somewhere in Westport or Fairfield. We probably wouldn't get there til after 9:30. By then Two Boots turns into Honky Tonk!

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        Not sure if it's jazz, but on Ralph and Rich's (in Bpt) website, they list the following:

        Every Friday and Saturday, you are invited to listen to the
        sensual sound of Mike Campo, singer and one-man
        orchestra, at the grand piano in our La Dolce Vita bar.

    2. Jacob Marley's (RIP) in Orange used to fit the bill perfectly.

      Fez in Stamford has live jazz a few times a week. Doesn't that new-ish BBQ place in Derby as well? Or maybe it's blues...but disco!

      Sounds like you need to open a restaurant/live music venue with your CHOW ID!

      BTW, if you're willing to trek to Wilton this guy is superb.

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        He sounds really nice! It's too bad he is there only until 9pm, that's early! I wonder where he goes afterwards?

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          If you're free during the day tomorrow and/or Sunday bring a picnic lunch and check out the blues from Greg Sherrod.

          Or jazz on Sunday.

          Right at Shakespeare Theatre on the Housatonic River. If you dig hot dogs, chili, etc.. this place is supposedly good (as recommended by my brother).

          A few blocks away from the venue.