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Jul 30, 2012 10:03 AM

Best Cirrus flush mounted ceiling hood vent

I plan on putting a new Wolf 30" range stove top on a kitchen peninsula with an 8' ceiling. I do not have room for a standard stand alone 36" or even 30" vent hood as I would be unable to open several side cabinets as a result. Also, a vent hood would impede our view out of the kitchen. A downdraft vent will not work with the Wolf not to mention that they are totally ineffective. I have been trying to research Best's Cirrus flush mounted ceiling hood vent which offers an inline 800CFM blower. This type of unit would competely satisfy our requirements however the concept is so new I am unable to get any real world feedback as to its efficiency, even from the Best rep. Does anybody have any experience or insight into this product? All help would be appreciated!

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  1. Not specifically analogous but our old kitchen had a 24" square exhaust register centered above our 30" range, peninsula configuration.....with a 12" x 24" metal duct run in an 'L' shaped drywall soffit running above cabinetry to the exterior wall of the house. Mounted outside was a 16" diameter wall exhaust fan from Graingers capable of 1200 cfm and controlled by a heavy duty rheostat. Simple cheap noisy jet engine configuration that worked reasonably well. Certainly not perfect at grabbing all the vapors or cooking odors but way way better than nothing. The downside was that with the register at approx. 7' above the floor, some 4' above the cooktop and coupled with no form of containment except for the evacuating air current, we had to run that on full blast when we really wanted to capture vapors or vent excess heat. Conversations suffered a bit and candle flames were almost horizontal in the open dining area adjacent to the kitchen. I have to assume that any flush mount unit at ceiling level would behave similarly to our former set up.

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      Thank you for your input. This just makes me even more skeptical of this product! It just doesn't make sense to me that this would actually work, but it suits my situation perfectly. I can only hope for some more practical feedback from anyone who has actually used the Cirrus in particular!

    2. Eatzi, we are working with a similar arrangement in our kitchen remodel. Did you go with the Cirrus hood vent? If so how did it work out?

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        Besty2424, I have not yet gone with the Cirrus hood vent as I am still soliciting advice. Even the manufacturer has not been able to give me some references on the product since it is so new so I am still stalling on it a bit. Our project does not begin until the end of the year so I have some time. I am hoping for more posts to my inquiry on it.

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          Spoke with a salesperson in our local high end appliance store who sells the Best line. He loves the Best products but indicated that the Cirrus is not going to meet the requirements when it comes to serious cooking. He could not offer any suggestions other than a hood mounted in close proximity to the cooktop. He also thought that the smoke and grease would mark the ceiling around the vent as it wasn't located directly over the cooktop which makes sense. I just can't resolve myself to a hood hanging in the middle of our large open kitchen, perhaps a serious amount of CFM would do the trick?

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            We were going to go with 800CFM if we do the Cirrus. It definitely isn't a perfect solution but it will still be better than the downdraft system I'm suffering with now!

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              Eatzi please tell me if you went with the Cirrus and whether it worked out? It is our only hope for an unsolvable problem: an island cooktop with only 56" height above to fit in a hood and horizontal ducting. I haven't found any model that can be installed in such short distance. Even the Cirrus CC34IQ (w internal 600cfm blower) requires 62" (though the Best technician said while he can't legally condone the lower install, he couldn't see any adverse effect for this).

              Anyway, we'd be grateful for any feedback if you got the Cirrus -- and if so, what you think of the 800cfm. Thanks!

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                We decided against the Cirrus because all the feedback I got pretty much said it didn't work well. We resolved our issue by moving our stove against the wall so we could use a real vent hood. It was the only true resolution as the downdraft technique we previously had on our Thermadore was awful and we didn't want to be a guinea pig on the flush ceiling vent. Hope this helps!

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                  Thanks for the update Eatzi. Unfortunately that option is not possible for us. We are looking at the Cirrus vs. no vent at all (2 contractors and a dealer in town have thrown up their hands at our situation!).

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              A friend has a lovely clear vent hood over her island. Works great and doesn't impede the view.

        2. I just had the Sears repairman here because of my new KitchenAid wall oven. I hate the venting into the room. The repairman, in consultation with KitchenAid technicians said it was totally normal. Mind you at 425 degrees for fifteen minutes, the smoke alarms went off in several rooms.

          I live in a single story ranch and am thinking seriously of putting an exhaust fan in the ceiling and exhausting it out the roof. Does anyone have a recommendation?

          As far as the ceiling around the vent getting greasy and stained from the exhaust from the stove, better than not using the stove all summer.

          This is just a ridiculous (apparently industry wide) design.

          Of course, no salesperson ever mentioned this as a kitchen design consideration.