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Jul 30, 2012 10:02 AM

Best store for fruit?

Normally I'd go to a farmer's market for seasonal fruit, but I'd like to pick up good fruit to make a fruit salad tonight.
Any suggestions for stores with market-quality excellent fruit?

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  1. Anything that you get from a "mangiacake" store will be tasteless and coarse because it will be too big and underripe. You will end up with a bad fruit salad.

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    1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

      Yup. I don't want grocery store fruit; I want good fruit.

      1. re: TwinklyTerrapin

        Good fruit means fruit that is sold as overripe junk. You have to understand the difference between good junk and bad junk. Chinatown is good. I go toa place at 2748 Danforth east of Dawes. I get the $1.00 junk outsidemostly. Sometimes i get real lucky . This place is run by the brother of the store owner on Spadina who locked up the career thief and got charged criminally. You know, the thief who got sympathy in the press because he is a drug addict and was nice to to his kids.

        Good lunch- dinner nearby.

    2. Harvest Wagon sells high quality fruit, but it's expensive.

      Highland Farms, Lady York, Pusateri's($$$- more produce available at the uptown locations), Whole Foods($$$) and Longo's (I go to the Longo's at Leslie + York Mills when I need to buy a lot of produce, when the SLM isn't open) usually sell better tasting fruit than Loblaw or Metro.

      Some Hounds also recommend Fiesta Farms.

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      1. Ko on Roncesvalles is excellent. Or go to the sorauren farmers market...

        1. "Seasonal" Ontario fruit is just starting. Small but very sweet peaches are coming in now--snagged some from the local NoFrills late last week and over the weekend.

          Highland Farms usually hits the sweet spot for quality/price/selection. Used to be a Longo's fan but less so now. Gave up on Loblaws/Metro.

          1. If you live in the West GTA, I highly recommend Michael-angelo's at Erin Mills Parkway just south of the 403. Great quality vegetables and fruits. Last time I went they had Niagara (yes they specified the city and not the province) peaches, Beamsville blueberries, and Jordan Station cherries. The prices are a bit higher than loblaws but you can actually smell the ripe fruits.

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            1. re: Nevy

              Er, that's where most Ontario fresh fruit comes from...Try Highland Farms, too.

              Hamilton's Farmer's Market and Ottawa Street market are worth a visit for Niagara regional fruit and produce.