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Jul 30, 2012 09:52 AM

Good places to eat along 118th Avenue in YEG

My wife and I have been exploring 118th avenue for new ( to us) places to eat. So far we have enjoyed:

-Caribean food at Saffron,
-calzones at Battista's,
-empanadas at the Handy bakery ( fairly similar to what you can buy at a bakery or cafe in Buenos Aires),
-tamales at El Rancho
-pizza at the Coliseum.

We are looking for suggestions for other places to try in the area.

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  1. I like Uncle Ed's for Ukrainian food, though I wish they had perogies that just had the dry curd cottage cheese rather than potato and cottage cheese. I like what they have listed as cheese crepes on the menu (nalysnyky) with dill sauce and the sauerkraut soup a lot. They are still not as good as my mom's, though...

    I am a big fan of both El Rancho and Handy. My favourite at thing at Handy is the Portuguese custard tarts, with flaky crusts (I put them in the fridge once and never will again) and a creamy filling that is browned just enough on top.

    1. I quite enjoy going to Pho King now and again. Their soup is pretty good, cheap, and fast. The vermicelli dishes have been enjoyable. There are occasions when we go there for breakfast.

      It's not the highest quality vietnamese in town, but it has been consistently good. if I'm in that area and want food I'll usually go there first. The breakfast is more of a novelty.

      1. Habesha for Ethiopian food.

        1. Lan's Asian Grill (in the Value Viallage strip mall near NAIT) is amazing! Try the Tom Yum Pho.

          Cafe Amore (actually on 121 Ave & 90 St) has some decent pasta dishes.

          1. I've heard Roma Bistro has great empanadas. 118 Ave. and 101 Street-ish by the traffic circle.