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Jul 30, 2012 09:26 AM

Berry Pie

I need a great (but will settle for "very good") berry pie near Sherman Oaks. I'd prefer to stay in the Valley, but will travel a little bit if it's worth it. Any ideas? Thanks.

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  1. Someone else will likely know the names of some bakeries ... but since no one else has responded yet I'll just note that Nat's Early Bite bakes their own desserts and I'm pretty sure they have a pie selection.

    Not saying they are the best in the neighborhood, but Nat's does a good job on most things and might be a last resort if no one recommends any bakeries.

    818 781 3040

      1. re: Thor123

        Thanks for the link! Has anyone tried Republic of Pies in NoHo?

        Still looking for suggestions. My husband will be coming from Century City tonight, so Westside is also fair game.

        1. re: WestsideLisa

          If you're still looking for suggestions I'd recommend Sweet Lady Jane. They, in my opinion, have the best berry pie in LA and I'm pretty sure I've tried the majority.
          The one on Montana has a larger selection, I think.

      2. I'd recommend you try Sweet Lady Jane's. There have been a number of discussions about the place over the years but I've always been well received and think their goods are outstanding. Decide for yourself.

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          1. re: Thor123

            Gotta disagree with their "excellent cakes"--SLJ's cakes get a lot of dislike on CH, and I would say with good reason.

            I was just at the Montana location yesterday and I bought a "test slice" to try as a way of determining whether I wanted to go with them for my birthday cake later this week.

            I had a slice of the White Chocolate Raspberry. It just wasn't that good. Worse than I remember it tasting from when I had bought this same cake a decade ago.

            Their cakes look very pretty but if anyone is looking for a good TASTING cake, I cannot recommend them.

            Note--I have had their trifle, which I like very much, and their other desserts (i.e. berry pie, the OP's request) might indeed be wonderful, I'm merely commenting about my experience with their cakes--to me it's like the Emperor's New Clothes.

            FWIW, I will be ordering my birthday cake (once again) this year from Jamaica's Cakes on Pico in West LA.

          2. re: Steve2 in LA

            To me a great boysenberry or blackberry pie is one that is not too sweet. Marie Calendar's berry pie( which has gone WAY downhill to what it used to be), is too sweet for me these days: Have you had it, can anyone compare it to Sweet Lady Jane's & tell me if its more or less sweet?

            Or recommend the least sweet boysenberry, blackberry, rasberry, or mixed berry pie on the westside( not cherry, rhubarb, or blueberry...).


          3. 4 n 20 has great pies as well as excellent soups and salads. Try one of their two locations in the valley.

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            1. re: chewbacca

              I have never heard of this place, but it's VERY close by. Do you have recommendations for a specific pie? A couple that looked interesting are strawberry rhubarb and boysenberry. Thanks!

              1. re: WestsideLisa

                I've had 4 and 20's pies. They're pretty good. Strawberry-Rhubarb is a winner as is their Chocolate Cream and Banana Cream.

                1. re: Steve2 in LA

                  I debated between strawberry-rhubarb and boysenberry when I got there this morning. The guy working the counter encouraged me to get boysenberry, so that's what I went with. Unfortunately, I didn't get to taste the pie because it was for someone else's birthday. Apparently, the recipient has had pie from this location before, and was very pleased when I told him that it was boysenberry.

                  Thanks for the help!

              2. re: chewbacca

                I have to disagree about 4 and twenty. I went there. The place is frankly gross. It is old and unclean-looking, the food is bad, and so are the pies.

              3. Had an excellent blueberry crumb pie from Susiecakes last week. They rotate their pie flavors so I would call first. I went to the Brentwood location but I think they also have a Valley one?

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                1. re: cookie monster

                  The price of a boysenberry pie from Apple Pan went up $1.50 today. Now they're $20. Love their boysenberry pie. Great whipped cream on it.