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Jul 30, 2012 09:02 AM

3 Nights in Reno

My wife is having a significant birthday 3rd week in August. What do you want, I asked. A ride in a train, she said, just a short one. So we are training from SF Bay Area to Reno and will be there for 3 nights. We are staying at the ElDorado. Last time in Reno for us was before Truckee Riverfront restoration and when art museum was in its old location. We will check out new versions of those but are at a loss as to where to eat. My wife is especially fond of French bistro food and anything of quality Italian. Suggestions are most welcome.

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  1. Campo is very hip in a great location and has wonderful Italian from star chef Mark Estee formally from Moodys Bistro in Truckee. I also like Napa Bistro and Bistro 7, but those are more cal contemporary with wood burning ovens. I recommend 4th St. Bistro for French.

    1. Old Granite St Eatery is neither Bistro or Italian but it is very, very good. It is right down town on Sierra St (looking out the window over to Viginia St, you can see the Pioneer Theater). I've eaten lunch and dinner there and both were excellent.

      1. Campo is popular. Make your reservations now.
        Beaujolais Bistro is within walking distance of the El Dorado and does a nice job with French Food. Bill joined me for dinner and said he liked his meal.
        It's a little bit of a walk, but if you're looking for a nice place to hang out, consider Homage Bakery at Fifth and Ralston. It's a converted house where they sell baked goods and make a pretty mean espresso. On Sundays they offer a brunch. I haven't tried the brunch yet, but I'm guessing it's pretty good.

        1. Inside the new museum is recently opened Composition Cafe. Here's my review -

          They are open for lunch, but the menu changes to tapas at dinner.

          1. Thanks to Reno hounds for the recs. We ate at Campo and Beaujolais Bistro and Pho 777. Campo was crowed, definitley hip as RevAndy predicted--lively young crowd on a loud Wed evening. Great to be on the river too. Less thrilled with food and displeased by service. My wife's tomato soup was more like old stewed tomatoes heavy on the vinegar. My salad was seriously over-vinegared, but fine in every other way (and I love vinaigrettes). Then an incredibly long wait to be served our next course which had been ordered at the beginning of the meal. I am guessing 30 minutes minimum. I ordered the special pork platter--described as several different cuts of pork. A large serving of rather dry pieces of pork, looking like different cuts but with the same texture and taste and bathed in the same sauce which became overpowering flavor of the dish. The barbaresco which was my favorite part of the meal. I would try it again, but was not happy this time.

            Next night: the opposite. We ate at Beaujolais Bistro and it was quiet, really really quiet. Food very traditional with no trace of hipness. Other diners were older folks, as are we and sadly there were few of them. The food was really well prepared--I had the lamb, my wife the duck breast. Nothing cutting edge but everything well done and service great. Had familiar Kermit Lynch Gigondas Les Pallieres and an excellent cheese plate to finish it off with while my wife did same with a good not-too-sweet chocolate mousse. Thanks Steve for the rec.

            Next visit we will arrange schedule to be able to dine at Composition Cafe in Nevada Museum of Art. We were there in morning and not ready to eat when we finished our visit to this excellent museum, but looked at menu and spoke with staff and it is an inviting venue.

            Thanks again for the suggestions.