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Jul 30, 2012 08:55 AM

coming to SF

Each August our family (which includes 2 very foodie young boys) chooses a city to explore. This august it's SF. Iam interested in whats new and exciting, some hole in wall type places and some more hip places. My wife and I have been to SF and had great meals at Slanted Door and Zuni, but haven't been back in a while. Any fun places or new discoveries would be welcome.

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  1. Lots of Cal-Italian around lately as well as some interesting concept places (state bird provisions) - I listed some options in this thread:

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    1. re: goldangl95

      thanks, I know the post is general, will get more specific, Flour & Water? thoughts? and The 5th floor at Palomar?

      1. re: reedsox

        I really like Flour + Water - I think their pasta options are terrific, creative and ever changing. The rest of the food is good too - but the pasta is what keeps me coming back.

        Many on this board prefer Cotogna - I like Cotogna as well - and I'd say they are more consistent between pasta, pizza, other appetizers. It's difficult (if not impossible? according to Robert Lauriston) to get reservations around peak times and waiting is a pain. But the same could be said of Flour + Water. Cotogna is open all day though - which can be a benefit if you are up for eating in the middle of the afternoon. Cotogna is a bit more of a calmer space (though still bustling with the urban/city din), less crowded, less frantic.

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          very unimpressed with F+W myself. way overhyped for what it is. Better food/pizza to be had at Delfina Pizzeria, IMO.

          Cotogna is wonderful, but I've only been for lunch.
          Barbacco is very good....
          Range too.

      2. Are you coming from Boston? (your user name)
        If you are coming from Boston, what type of places do you like to eat there.

        I LOVE the Fifth Floor. State Bird provisions is a good recomendation since it is an interesting concept.

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        1. re: smatbrat

          yes we are from Boston, We like all the Barbara Lynch outposts, also Cragie on main, Hungry Mother etc. tell me more about the 5th Floor.

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            Also, we are staying in the Pacific Heights area, anything local there would be appreciated.

            1. re: reedsox

              ok, I can work with that!

              Fith Floor would fit your likes very much.
              I would recommend AQ, its new and innovative and changes seasonally.
              State Bird provisions is a really unique concept and also very good.

              Pac heights, depends where, casual dinning on Filmore st. I do like 1300 Fillmore. its an upscale twist on Southern food.

              Bar Agricole

              ohhh, Range, i just had a fantastic meal there with amazing cocktails.

              the final thing I can think of, altho Im sure Ill come up with more, is Txoko. Not everyone is a fan. I find Chef ian Beggs food to be incredible and out of this world. each dish is very thought out, yet casual. He wows me every time i eat there

              1. re: smatbrat

                Had a very fine dinner at Bar Agricole last week. Stylish and casual. The indoor area is very clubby and dark, while the outdoor area has some lovely little garden plantings. Food was great, the squid and rabbit dishes esp. I knew they had a great bar program but did not know about the interesting wine list.

        2. Have you been to Oleana? Aziza is similar and is not far from Ocean beach which is a nice place to visit. Both Oleana and Aziza are amazing places.

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          1. re: TeacherFoodie

            You mean in Cambridge? Yes many times, we know Anna (and Chris), will check out Aziza.