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Jul 30, 2012 08:34 AM

Ginger N Olive/La Fontana 120 Albany St. New Brunswick

I was in New Brunswick over the weekend and I passed the location of one of my all time favorite restaurants La Fontana in New Brunswick. Located at 120 Albany St. it was probably one of the most over the top restaurants as far as opulence with regard to service. Back in the early 90’s when I first started going there the average service team were about 5 servers per table including the captain. The food was always top notch and for all the years I dined there my favorite dish was the Rustica a seafood combination served in a bread bowl….oh the decadence.

It closed up probably about 5 years ago and became the Ginger N Olive which I never dined at. I think it was an Indian/Italian fusion place? I’m not sure just what I remember hearing……

Anyone know what happened to Anthony the original owner of La Fontana…? Any other restaurant ventures that he has been involved in? It’s been so long since I’ve lived in Middlesex County most people and places have fallen off my radar there.

How about the rest of you what are some of your past favorite restaurants that have gone by the way side? Let’s share and compare some memories of our favorite past places.

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  1. LaFontana was my favorite also....went with many friends and family....lunch and dinner....they moved up North but I cannot remember where....the inside looked very similar and the bar also....not the pizza places with the same name, this looked just as the original in New Brunswick looked....and believe they introduced the owner as, seems as the same one to me....I remember the Grapoo....sometimes it was good, other times not so just 'different' taste and they were always just giving a glass to you....