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Jul 30, 2012 08:27 AM

Looking for a great bar in Miami to celebrate

My step dad is turning 50 and I have been tasked with finding a great bar to hold a happy hour for friends and co workers to celebrate. I'm trying to find a place that will accommodate everyone's tastes, but still meet my step dads standards. He and I are very much into the food scene, so sub par simply will not do. I have so many different places running through my head that picking a single place has become exhausting. This is why I'm reaching out to the Chow universe.

Comfortably accommodate 15 - 20 people.
Within Dade county and only on the mainland. Unfortunately, Miami Beach isn't an option.
The happy hour will be on a Friday.
Great bar food would be a plus

I was looking at db Bistro Moderne, Area 31, and Bourbon Steak as some possible choices, but I welcome any input.

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  1. Bourbon Steak bar/lounge area is perfect

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    1. re: The Chowfather

      That's my personal choice, but my only concern is the distance. Ideally, something in the Gables or Downtown/Brickell would be perfect since most people would be coming straight from work.

      1. re: bry520

        I have never eaten there (but did try all their couchon 555 food which was great), but what about Edge Steak and Bar at the 4 Seasons?

        1. re: tpigeon

          Oh crap, Edge is also a great call.

    2. Bourbon Steak is a great call and what I would go with if I were in your shoes. Cant beat the food, drink, and atmosphere for a group like that.

      For something closer to Miami, The Local could also be a good call though admittedly I've not dined there in some time.

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      1. re: Blind Mind

        Bourbon Steak is my #1 choice by far, but I need the rest of the family to agree since this actually going to be a surprise and I know distance may be an issue.

        Edge and Local are both good options that I'm heavily considering. Local is great, but like BM, I have not eaten there in a while. And I honestly wasn't that impressed with Edge;however, the bar was fantastic and the outdoor lounge area was really nice.

        I really appreciate the input and welcome any further suggestions.

        1. re: bry520

          I'd say given the area it's either Edge or db. There's Rusty Pelican if you want to get nostalgic, but my last experience wasn't very stellar.

          1. re: bry520

            I've had lunch recently at the Local. New chef Vince Tien (Cabrera is gone) has given things a bit of an Asian tilt here and there (a little more miso, kimchi, etc.) but otherwise pretty similar. Edge might have better food right now.

        2. What about Eos, Zuma or Il Gabianno? I know Eos has a beautiful outdoor lounge area, as does Il Gabianno. I can't recall what Zuma's layout is like, but I believe it has a nice lounge with a nice view?