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Jul 30, 2012 07:52 AM

Baltimore Restaurant Week

Any good suggestions for lunch or dinner?

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  1. The Food Market in Hampden was offering a good menu. Felt like they were trying to impress on their first time at it.

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    1. re: zebcook

      I might check it out, though Dogwood seemed to have some interesting options for a Hamden choice.
      I was also thinking of Jack's due to my weakness for poutine and Mr. Rains because they are the only one serving goat.

    2. Aldo's in Little Italy is a restaurant week bargain. For appetizers (two of us) we got diver scallops with corn risotto, and a wonderful tuna carpaccio (I'm sorry the tuna carpaccio isn't on the regular menu). For entrees we got a Tuscan rib-eye with black truffle salt, and the best linguini
      and clams that I've ever had.

      1. Sotto Sopro is an excellent Italian restaurant. Dine there for dinner!
        People rave about Charleston, Cinghale, Woodberry Kitchen I have never been to any of them. Please report back with a review if you dine any of these restaurants. I am unsure which if any of these restaurants are participating in RW.

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        1. re: Jeremy303

          WK and Cingiale are a step above SS re food. Charelston is another step above. having said that...I go often to SS on an expense account and cannot get enough of The Prosciutto San daniele and the pastas--secondi are not so SS. SS also has far better atmosphere--great murals--than the others. WK is particularly annoying with noise--very serious noise.