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Jul 30, 2012 06:57 AM

Dress Code

We are coming to Mexico City on Thursday and want to go to Hacienda de los Morales and Sir Winston Churchill's. My boyfriend wants to wear a guayabera-type shirt, pants and loafers. Would that be alright or do you need jacket and tie (we're going for lunch, not dinner)

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  1. Dress pants, jacket, tie, leather shoes for both.


    1. People dress up for fancy meals in Mexico. I mean, in general you wouldn't be turned away but he'll stick out less in a suit.

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        I was in Mexico City recently and dined at Pujol for a midweek lunch and Dulce Patria for a Saturday dinner. Pujol was filled with a business lunch type crowd in suits and ties; but Dulce Patria, on a Saturday night, ran the gamut from hipsters to tourists in T-shirts and people dressed to the nines in high end designer fashion. The service at both was impeccable, and the food was absolutely amazing. Mexicans eat late, lunch starts around 2 and runs the entire afternoon. Dinner is usually a more casual affair - starting after 9p or so.