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Jul 30, 2012 06:28 AM

Stand mixers with glass bowls (not Kitchen Aid)

I'm looking for a stand mixer similar in ability to a Kitchen Aid, with a glass bowl... but not made by Kitchen Aid. I did see the Sunbeam ones but they look like a hand mixer stuck on a stand.. does anyone know of any other company (either in North America or even the UK/Europe) that makes such a mixer?

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  1. Sunbeam mixers look like a hand mixer stuck on a stand because they're designed to function in both capacities. Don't let the removable power head on the Sunbeam discourage you. If a single beater mixer isn't required for the work you do the Sunbeam should be a good choice for the typical home kitchen. Based on your comments I assume you have some reason for not wanting a Kitchenaid (I've used one for many years with good success) so you may want to look at Jenn Air. Hamilton Beach might also be a consideration, except that they too are convertible (like the Sunbeam) so maybe not.

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      I am curious why you are avoiding Kitchen Aid? Have you had trouble with one in the past? I find that a lot of people start researching mixers, and get scared off by all the bad KA reviews. They do not always consider the sheer number of KAs that have been/ are in use. Of course, there would also be more bad reviews. There are just so many more of them being used. Also, people who are happy with their mixers tend not to leave reviews.

      I have been happily using my 6 qt. bowl lift KA for 10 years. I use it about 5-6 times a week at least!

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        Yeah, and why does it have to be a glass bowl?