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Jul 30, 2012 06:00 AM

Romantic dinner for 2 in Downtown DC

I am visiting Washington DC this weekend and am staying downtown at the Renaissance at 999 9th street. I am looking for a place to go to dinner on Saturday night with my wife to celebrate our anniversary. We both like most types of food and are open to most option, except not big fans of Indian food. We would like to find somewhere that we could either walk to our take public transportation a short distance. I am looking to spend somewhere between $50-$100.

Also we are looking for some recommendations for cheap and easy lunches around the mall and monuments while we are sightseeing.

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  1. Is that $50-100 total or per person? What are you expecting that to cover? A little clarification would be helpful because it could determine what restaurants we recommend. Thanks!

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      Around $100 total, looking for it to cover 2 entrees and either an appetizer or dessert and maybe one drink per person. Hope this helps, if you need anymore information please let me know.

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        Try Zaytinia (Mediterranean) - very close by. Small plates. I think you'd be happy there.

        Lunch - Teaism - near Archives Metro Station.

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          I wouldn't necessarily call Zaytinya romantic. Every time I've gone there with my boyfriend we've practically been shouting at each other it's been so loud. Plus the waitstaff is kind of snooty.

          Bibianna is not too far away but you might be pushing your price point.

          You could go to the lounge at PS7 and cuddle in one of the corner seats and share some small plates and cocktails.

          If you don't mind dining between 5-6:45pm you can take advantage of the lovely pre-theater menu at 701. They also have a more affordable patio/lounge menu. I would sit outside and look out over the Navy Memorial fountains.

          Finally Oya has a great $35 pre-fixe menu. It's less romantic and more sexy in a South Beach type of way. Good Asian/sushi cuisine and nice drinks.

          1. re: Elyssa

            I think that you should hop on the Red line metro towards Shady Grove and exit at Cleveland Park or take a short cab ride and then dine at Dino. It is rustic Italian and uses seasonal local ingredients and they have a 3 course price fixed menu avail for $39.00
            Can be a romantic evening especially if you ask to speak to the owner, Dean Gold when you make your reservation, and tell him it is your anniversary and can he put you at a romantic table. He is very hands on and likely will greet and meet you.

    2. Close to your hotel is Corduroy. It's quite expensive, but if you go upstairs to the bar area, there is a wonderful three-course, $30 bar menu. It's different food, but still wonderful (for example, if the chef serves a duck breast downstairs, he'll confit the leg and serve that upstairs). You'll get a four-star meal for a two-star prices. I would recommend arriving on the early side to secure a spot. After all, you'll be tired from sight-seeing!

      1. I think Siroc is perfect for you. It is about a 15 minute walk from your hotel or you can take the metro at it's a very short walk from Mcpherson Square. Very good Northern Italian cuisine with excellent service. It's a small intimate restaurant. You can feast there and spend under $100.

        1. I also think that Bistro Cacao (French) is a great option. Very romantic restaurant. It is in a town house with a number of small rooms, so you never feel you're in a crowd. It is a cool place. I would go there. Very unique place, with great food and service. There is a picture on there and a link to the restaurant's website.

          Also the restaurant is located 0.4 miles from Union Station Metro (Red Line) Corduroy is a good choice too.

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          1. re: Jeremy303

            Unless it's $50-100/person, Corduroy is too expensive (unless you are eating off of the bar menu, which is nice but maybe not romantic).

            Bistro Cacao is uber romantic (accidentally went there for a business meeting once and they were treating us like we were having a secret affair. We kept giggling!). Might want to double check the pricing of the menu though to make sure it is within your price range (I've only been for lunch).

            1. re: Jeremy303

              Agreed. My husband and I enjoy Bistro Cacao every time we go. Call ahead of time and ask for one of the "booths." There's nothing that screams romantic (or bordello) like red velvet curtains. ;) Enjoy!

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                Bump. I would like to hit up someplace with great food that is romantic and hip, but not stuffy for restaurant week. My wife is a vegetarian (who eats some fish). I was thinking Rasika. Maybe zaytinya?

                Link to restaurant week:

                1. re: 2000man

                  You usually need Rasika reservations weeks in advance. Restaurant Week would be nearly impossible. Zaytinya is a good choice, but call right away. I just checked and their only tables tonight are at 4:30 and 9. Restaurant Week usually requires some advance planning.

                  If you can't find anything available that appeals to you, let us know and we can help with some non-RW participants.

                  1. re: 2000man

                    If you don't already have a reservation to Rasika, you are likely not going to get one now. If some miracle occurs and you can get in I would opt to go to the newer West End Rasika. I find the one in Penn Quarter to be incredibly loud and therefore takes away the romance when you practically need to scream at your dinner partner.

                    Again reservations are going to be tough if you don't already have them but perhaps try: Bibianna, Ardeo, Co Co Sala, Graffiato,or Urbana. Of course check all the menus first to make sure their are options for your wife.

                    1. re: Elyssa

                      Thanks Elyssa and Katecm. My wife and I had a nice dinner at Urbana. Ironically, we stayed at the Hotel Palomar a couple of years ago and shunned the restaurant. I thought the cocktails were great. Our food was very good. Nice rec. Thanks.

                      1. re: 2000man

                        Glad you like it. They got a new chef about 2 years ago and he puts out excellent food. The whole menu has changed.