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Jul 30, 2012 04:48 AM

Best Scones in Dublin

Where can I find best scones in Dublin? With clotted cream or devon cream and preserves.

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  1. In the city centre that has to be Avoca Cafe on Suffolk St. - with jam and whipped cream.
    You won't really find the English traditional accompaniment of clotted or Devon cream here in Ireland.

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    1. re: DublinChow

      You wouldnt often find clotted cream in England, either.

      1. re: Harters

        I've had it several times but can't remember where. Maybe it was Simon the Pie Man in Rye. Just out of curiosity, what do most places serve if it's not clotted cream... just something made with whipping cream?

        1. re: zuriga1

          Yep, just double cream whipped thick, Zuriga.

          And that's in the good places. Go downmarket and it's cream from a spray can.

      2. re: DublinChow

        Mmm... my husband is going on a business trip there this week and I am looking for things to request. I wonder if this will travel well back to SF! Any other products from the Cafe I should request?

        1. re: rln

          Anywhere else in Ireland that might serve scones with the clotted cream? Or will I have to try it in Northern Ireland? I'm taking 7 female friends next August, and many of them have never had 'the real thing', so to speak.

          1. re: rln

            Oh, and we're going to Northern Ireland as well as the Republic...

            1. re: GreenDragon

              Its probably way way to late but you can get clotted cream from Adare farm in Dunnes Stores Supermarket. I would hit some scones from a bakery and butter, jam and clotted cream in the Supermarket and have a very indulgent supper in the hotel.