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Jul 29, 2012 08:30 PM

Help me find a bakery that will make a bday cake for me for pick up tom night!

Title pretty much says it all. Looked online but they all say 48 hrs in advance. I just want something that will say "happy birthday!" im not very picky with the flavors either but it has to taste good!


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  1. Can pick up in the valley, los angeles (downtown preferred) or North oc.

    1. just select the cake you want at any gelsons and they will be happy to write HAPPY BIRTHDAY on a little slab of chocolate and artistically mount the chocolate slab on top of the cake.

      1. As long as the cake is off their menu and not a special order check with Susie Cakes. Locations in Newport Beach and more.

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          Second Susiecakes. Love the cakes, and they usually have the basic flavors available w/ no advance notice. We also had a blueberry crumb pie this week that was delicious - tons of blueberries and not too sweet.

          1. re: cookie monster

            Third Susiecakes. Just had a great coconut with pineapple. Great! We used Brentwood.