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Jul 29, 2012 07:14 PM

From Vancouver to Toronto for 6days

so if you have been to Vancouver we have some great restaurants that don't break you bank eg.Les Faux Bourgeois, chambar/medina, Hapa Izakaya, cru to name a some. my family is heading to T.O for 6 day and will be staying on queens St., we are looking for great restaurants suggestion that wont break our wallets (because you know how much flights are).
thank you

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  1. name the styles you want and we'll go from there.
    but if you're coming from Vancouver, you should look for everything but: Chinese/dim sum, sushi and Indian.

    1. pam's curry goat roti
      rap's jerk chicken
      stockyards' fried chicken
      gourmet garden's fish curry
      free times cafe/goldin's smoked meat sandwich
      tien thanh's pho (yes vancouver has pretty good pho too but I just love tien thanh).

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      1. re: aser

        are all your suggestion in down town

      2. The restos you mention are all top quality full service restaurants. In keeping with that, I think we have some spots with good value.

        Lee is one I would recommend although the prices are inching up - be sure to get the Singaporean Slaw.

        Edulis is reasonably priced

        Torito is worth a visit

        Campagnolo is excellent and well priced

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        1. re: justsayn

          Lee??! When there are so many restaurants to choose from?!! Things have gone down hill big time during the past year or so. I'm not the only one who voice this!

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Charles, what is that, 4 people? And you never liked Susur at the very best of times, so come on. Let people love something you don't. The place is packed with repeat business. The price points are good and there are many new items now! With the new menu some prices creeped up but the value is still good. I am sure you are aware of the places the OP indicated in Vancouver, and see they don't want to break the bank at your high end favourites.

            The Singaporean slaw is still incredible and unique and great value.

            1. re: justsayn

              Actually it was 5 people that agreed on decline - and only 1 (guess who) who disagreed.
              I think I went to Lee 6 times the year before that thread. And some of the best meals I've ever had in Toronto were from Susur. Then it declined drastically - it's possible that it has regained some of the lost 'magic' - but I'd rather hear that from someone that recognised the changes and can confirm the resurrection.
              Also prices have risen dramatically - Slaw is now $20 and meat dishes are $25-30. While I haven't been for over a year now, the menu used to be all 'small dishes' - IIRC we used to order about 8 (sometimes 10) between two of us. That's "fine dining" prices for me - not casual with atrocious service (on both of my last 2 visits the server taking my order turned to talk to someone else - once actually walking away).

              1. re: estufarian

                4 + Charles

                This isn't Susur Restaurant. It's Lee. Susur closed years ago and took that amazingness with it! Lee was always the more accessible option, in all ways.

                1. re: justsayn

                  I specifically identified Lee as the restaurant in question.
                  My reference to 'Susur' was intended to be 'Susur Lee' - the man, NOT the eponymous restaurant.
                  I went to Lee 6 times in a year. Then had two disastrous 'attendances' - one at Lee, the other at Lee Lounge - the Lounge one was when the server walked away to talk to somebody else in the middle of (failing in) taking my order.

                  1. re: estufarian

                    I agree the Lounge is pretty much a waste of I mentioned here when it first opened.

                    1. re: justsayn

                      poor ukjason won't know what became of his simple question as now it has become about susur or not to susur....

              2. re: justsayn

                FYI, most of my current favourites are NOT 'high end' restaurants!! One of them is 'Yours Truly'. Their $48 pp tasting menu is a much better value, more adventurous and tastier option than Lee's a la cart offering!!

                My understanding is that chowhound is an open forum for people to express one's opinion as well as provide updates to those, especially out-of-towners, the current status of restaurants visited. If indeed Lee has gone down hill and isn't its former self, I do not see anything wrong in my mentioning that?!

            2. re: justsayn

              +1 for Torito (spanish tapas). One of many excellent options in Kensington Market.

            3. And where on Queen St.? It pretty much covers the length of the city.....

              Completley disagree about avoiding our Indian, you won't get a Vij's here but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Lots of authentic options here other than a fusion style.

              1. OP - having been to a couple of the places you named in Vancouver, I would suggest the following in Downtown Toronto west (not sure if you're Queen East or Queen West - it's a long street!). I rarely venture "east", so can only comment on the west...

                - On the Ossington strip - Pizzeria Libretto; Delux; Foxley
                - On Dundas West - Campagnolo; Cafe 668 (Asian all-vegetarian, so maybe a little different than the usual Asian fare you get in Vancouver); The Black Hoof; Enoteca Sociale; Porchetta (note, not a sit-down resto)

                While it's been a few months since visiting my parents in Vancouver, I usually don't think of "tacos" when I think of Vancouver, and a few places have popped up in Toronto: Grand Electric (west Queen west); La Carnita (on College); an older stand-by El Trompo (on Augusta, in Kensington market); However, please note the spaces are more crowded and casual than the types of restos you've named as comparators in Vancouver.

                If you search by these restaurant names, you'll find a lot of information on them, so I will not comment on their food.

                If you need more suggestions, it would be helpful if you are more specific on whether you're staying on Queen East or West, and whether your family has a car.