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Jul 29, 2012 05:37 PM

Six Main in Chester, CT! Wonderful!

Hey CHers!

I had a wonderful experience at Six Main in Chester. Here is the link: This restaurant joins a bunch of great spots in Chester, but is the first that specializes in vegetarian, vegan, and raw vegan food. While I am not a vegan, I eat in a vegan co-op for most of the year, so I was very excited to see a vegan restauranteur move into town.

Let me get the negative points out of the way. The service was so-so. We had a male server who was wonderful, but our other server seemed like she didn't know what she was doing. She spilled some olive oil on our table, and took away one of my dinner companion's appetizer plate before we were ready. Additionally, our candle wasn't lit, there was no music, and the room was too hot. There were only two off notes with the food. First, the table bread wasn't very good. It was squishy and too sweet. The dip it came with wasn't very good either. The second food problem was that there wasn't a good way to serve our appetizer, the burrata. It should have come with a cheese spreader and there wasn't quite enough bread. It made it very hard to eat, though the flavors were wonderful.

On to the positive points! The space is just lovely. It is soft, elegant and open. The bathroom was also beautiful.

Our drinks were all wonderful! I order the blueberry spritzer, which was made with cava, pimms, blueberries and orange bitters. It was great, though it didn't pair well with my main course.

My main course as the spicy cucumber noodles. I was blow away. The flavors were bright, punchy and bold. There was lime, cilantro, and basil over crunchy cabbage and cucumber strips. It wasn't shy on spice! I was expecting it to be more of a salad, but it really did seem closer to noodles. My companions got the zucchini quinoa risotto and the red pepper tagliatelle. They were both great. The risotto was creamy and when I asked my companion, a big meat guy, whether it was vegan or not he had forgotten. The tagliatelle was earthy and rich, though could have better been described as mushroom tagliatelle as opposed to red pepper.

Dessert was great too! We got the key lime pie and the cheesecake, both of which were vegan. I loved them. I don't even remember what our server told us they were made out of. It didn't matter. They were wonderful!

Overall, we can't wait to go back. While they still have some bumps to work out, it was a great experience. The food was wonderful. We left stuffed. The atmosphere was elevated and elegant. Hope to go back soon!

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  1. Well - we went with 4 other people the Sunday before Thanksgiving. This will be a mixed review.
    I always forget what a pain it is to find parking when you want to eat in Chester - luckily it was a Sunday nite so we were able to find a spot down the street next to another commercial building.

    We walked in and the first thing we all noticed was "how quiet it was"? the dining room was about half full - so we thought that the space made it awkward for large groups to sit , eat and talk. But the space is nice,if a little on the "sterile" side - needs to be warmed up somehow,

    Our server was very efficient and knowledgeable about the food - so on to the main show
    we all ordered cocktails - I had the spicy bloody mary - very yummy and spicy, everyone enjoyed their cocktails.
    For appys - we went with the nachos and goat cheese plate to split - also very good,
    For main course I had the Bridge Tofu - and it was well prepared and the kimchee component was the main attraction - and did not disappoint
    2 others ordered the raw pesto zucchini linguini and neither of them particularly cared for it - neither of them finished the meal
    2 others ordered the raw walnut tostado and ate every last crumb

    SO, while we were all excited to try this spot - it got mixed reviews from our group (who are all adventurous eaters)

    I think the advice is to choose your entrees carefully - if you have never eaten vegan - stay away from the "raw" selections.

    This dining is on the higher end of $$ - so consider all this as you make your choices,

    Not sure I will rush back there - but will probably give it another spin later this winter or early spring.

    1. We went on a Saturday. There was parking for the restaurant in the back so that was no problem The restaurant is beautiful. We sat at the bar and the bartender was very nice. We ordered the nachos, the Asian tofu salad and ravioli for appetizers and all were very good. For our main meal my husband had the mole burrito and I had the meatloaf, both were just okay. The service was a bit slow. The bartender spend alot of time making the special drinks so it was hard to get her attention for a refill. If it ever got busy there they would have a problem.