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Jul 29, 2012 02:13 PM

Downtown STL on Labor Day Weekend

My wife and I will be in STL over Labor Day weekend and need some help with our dining options. I have read the quite a few previous threads, just hoping for some more specific advice. We are looking for:
1. Sunday AM brunch-anywhere between University City and downtown. We are dining with friends and $ will be a factor so something reasonable that is not too hard to get into.
2. Sunday PM anniversary dinner-we are staying at the Drury Plaza across from the Arch and would like to find something within walking distance or a short cab ride away. We have a car but would both like to drink so no driving. Money is not a huge factor but nothing requiring suit/tie. My concern is a lot of the nicer places are closed on Sunday. I have looked at places like the Drunken Fish, 1111 Mississippi, And Carmine's. Any advice on those or something better close. None of their menus jumped out to me.
3. Is there a Ted Drews downtown? Hoping for a concrete on this trip!
Bonus Question-
We are going to a Cards game on Monday and want to do some post game beer drinking near the park. It has been a few years since I have been to a game and wondered about the best places to have a few.

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  1. I am not an STL expert, but I can answer a few of your questions, based on my research for, and experience during, my trip last week.

    1. For brunch, I thought Rooster, which is downtown, was a worthwhile breakfast-focused restaurant. It's a 10-12 minute walk from your hotel.

    2. I came to the conclusion that 1111 Mississippi was not really walking distance from my hotel, which was right near yours. The distance is 1.6 miles; the areas in between are commercial or vacant and not really areas you would want to walk through (not necessarily bad, but not really pleasant, especially for after dinner).

    Interesting places that I considered eating at, that are downtown and walkable from the hotel, and open Sundays, include Lola and Mosaic, which are a 15-minute walk from the hotel. However, I think it's worth taking a cab to eat at Niche, which is a couple miles south of your hotel. I thought my dinner there was AMAZING. It's probably the most highly-acclaimed place in STL at this point, with chef-owner Gerard Craft as a finalist for the regional James Beard Award (and deservedly so). Jackets are NOT required; it's a nice place but attire like polo and slacks is fine. You can read my detailed trip report, including my dinner at Niche and breakfast at Rooster, at

    3. Ted Drewes has two locations but neither is downtown, not even close. During my trip, I had a late afternoon meal downtown at Bailey's Range, a restaurant that specializes in burgers and shakes, and I thought the shake I had there was excellent, and very thick (although they didn't specifically call it a concrete, but it had the thickest straw I've ever seen). It's a 12-minute walk from your hotel. If you're looking for good shakes within walking distance, it's a pretty good choice IMHO.

    1. Well, I am certainly not an expert either, but here are some ideas in addition to those offered by nsxtasy.

      1. Brunch-You will find a lot of options in the Central West End neighborhood. Brasserie, Scape, Cafe Osage are all good. Cafe Osage is probably the least expensive of those. In UCity, there is another inexpensive place, Winslow's Home, although it may be bit farther west than you want to go.

      2. Anniversary Dinner on Sunday. I like 1111. You might want to check out Vin De Set, which is owned by the same people. Lucas Park Grille on Washington Ave is also good and not too far from your hotel.

      3. No Ted Drewes downtown, but it's really not that far of a drive and definitely worth it. Don't let the lines scare you off. They move really fast.

      Bonus- My new favorite place to get a beer is Urban Chestnut, although that is a long, long walk from the ballpark.

      1. Thanks for the help! As far as the anniversary dinner goes, I am starting to narrow down my options. I was interested in 1111 and Mosaic but they are both closed that Sunday. I think we are gonna try Lola's or Lucas Park Grille. Niche is also a possiblilty. Brunch is still TBD as well but I appreciate all the suggestions.