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Jul 29, 2012 12:45 PM

Family friendly restaurants near SW Minneapolis and Corcoran?

Two friends are coming to MN to visit, one will be staying in SW Minneapolis (south of lake Harriet / Edina) and the other will be staying in Corcoran. DH and I will be traveling up from SE MN to meet up with them since they have little ones (10 months old and 18 months old), and we are just not familiar with family-friendly restaurants up that way.

Any recommendations for something near SW Minneapolis / Corcoran or somewhere in between that'd be convenient for both of them (it doesn't matter so much for us coming up from SE MN)? One of them is Jewish and I think that's the only dietary requirement.


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  1. Does your Jewish friend keep Kosher? If not, what are his/her dietary requirements?

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    1. re: ChillyDog

      She actually said she's good anywhere, priority is family friendly where the little ones can be exuberant :) Thanks!

      1. re: bohemianclub

        That would be close to the Minneapolis Corcoran neighborhood but I interpreted it as Corcoran MN.

        But I could be wrong.

        I just reread the post and still am not sure.

        1. re: ChillyDog

          I didn't know there is a Minneapolis Corcoran neighborhood (I have no clue about the TC and all the suburbs, I was just going by the address...)

          So I'd say it's Corcoran, NW of the cities (she said hwy 55, almost to Rockford)? But she's okay to drive closer to SW Minneapolis...

          Thanks for all your help!

      2. The convention grill is very, very family. around France and 44th

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          I just went to Convention Grill with my two little ones last Tuesday, and I wasn't impressed. I'm never impressed, but I keep trying, and I don't know why. The food took longer than expected to come out, and was so-so. We split a chocolate shake between the three of us, and there was no discernible chocolate flavor. We didn't finish it, which in our family is a VERY bad sign, particularly when the thing is being split three ways.

          As an alternative, the Edina Grill (50th and France) is quite family friendly, and has better food IMO. A bit more expensive, but still pretty moderate.

          1. re: baa

            Thanks for both suggestions. I think I'll collect all ideas and see which one they feel like going!

        2. Anything good is going to be a longer trip for the Corcoran peeps. If you are looking to split travel time.

          Thanh Do in St. Louis Park is Asian Fusion and family friendly. I like the cranberry curry (told you it was fusion) dish.

          Tea House in Plymouth is also family friendly, though their best dishes are on the authentic side of things.

          If you are going during the day (before 3p), Victory 44 is a good choice. Great brunch dishes and coffee. It's not as kid-friendly for dinner these days.

          Brooklyn Center has 50's Grill and New King Buffet (the best Asian buffet in the cities, IMO). Both very kid friendly.

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          1. re: kevin47

            Thanks for the suggestions! It'd be dinner on a weeknight. Kept meaning to try V44 at some point!