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Jul 29, 2012 12:01 PM

best diners/greasy spoons serving breakfast, 2012

My current top 5 are
Rosemary & Thyme on Vic Park north of Sheppard
The Fry Basket on Yonge near Steeles
Detroit Eatery on Danforth near Chester
Motorama on Danforth near Jones
Good Bite on Yonge north of Eglinton

Wouldn't mind trying a few others around town, to see how they compare. Would prefer to keep the breakfast dishes under $10 before tax and tip.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. My 2 faves are the Ontario Bistro at Dundas and Ontario, and The Leslieville Diner at Queen and Jones. Both have excellent breakfasts (all day) and are well under your price.

    1. My 2 faves are the Ontario Bistro at Dundas and Ontario, and the Lesliville diner at Queen and Jones. They both have great all day breakfasts and fall well within your price limit. I love the pancakes at the Ontario, thin and slightly crispy and their fruit and yoghurt bowl is enormous and delicious.

      1. Anyone been to The Patrician Grill lately? I know they are not open Sundays, but are they open Saturdays?

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        1. re: CocoaChanel

          Yep, Patrician is open Saturdays. Haven't been for a while, but they usually have the owner's mom's apple pie as a special on Saturdays.

        2. For a legit diner breakfast, go to Open Kitchen on Camden (just west of Spadina, south of Richmond). Seriously old-school, zero irony.

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          1. re: meanmartin

            yeah the a-ok is definitely a fantastic spot for this. i think im gonna go tomorrow

            1. re: disgusti

              We love A-OK but I wouldn't call it a greasy spoon.

            2. re: meanmartin

              Open Kitchen is not open on Saturday. We ended up at Harry's in Parkdale on Springhurst south of King. Serviceable.

            3. When I feel diner-y, Goody's Diner next to the jail near Warden & Eglinton. When I feel spoon-y, Valley Fields on Lawrence west of Victoria Park.

              Hey prima, any idea how your Greek spoon compares with my Greek spoon?

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              1. re: Googs

                Not sure, Googs. I'll order my usual (Greek omelette or bacon+eggs+home fries) at your Greeky Spoon next time I do the breakfast thing with my breakfast pal, and let you know!

                1. re: prima

                  I love a Greek omelette for breakfast too! It's time for the omelette exchange!!!

                  One thing, you have to ask them to add oregano. I know, I know weird. It's probably a neighbourhood thing, not an owner thing.

                  1. re: Googs

                    Actually, haven't had any of my usual greasy spoons add oregano to my Greek omelettes, Googs. Usually it's just tomato and feta, sometimes also some onions and/or peppers. Will ask for some oregano next time.
                    Still haven't made it to Valleyfields, but I thought I'd add their breakfast menu to the thread. Nice to see so many of their breakfasts include the coffee.

                    1. re: prima

                      Oregano used after it's come off the heat is awesome. I apply it like pepper.

                2. re: Googs

                  Upvote for Goody's Diner ...... great food.