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Jul 29, 2012 10:55 AM

Help 1st Long Island visit

I need help finding a nice restaurant not too far from Medford next Friday and Saturday night. Four of us will be going to Long Island for the 1st time and staying at Fairfield Inn in Medford, NY. We will have a car so we can travel. Can be anything from high end to moderately priced but with less than a week reservations might be a challenge?

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  1. Seems like Medford and the surroundings must be a hotbed of dining options.

    1. I don't really know anything about the dining options in Medford, but Riverhead isn't that far on the Long Island Expressway. Coll has posted on this board about some new and terrific dining options in Riverhead, so you might want to do a search for the ones she's written about.

      I found the restaurant I was thinking about -- it's called The Riverhead Project, and it is discussed here:

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        Just went again Monday night, shared some pork belly that I am still dreaming about. Also seared scallops that were so perfect that I should have taken a picture. They don't miss a beat!

            1. re: coll

              I'm glad you like the Kurobuta pork belly, a lot of guests are scared of the fat, i think it's the best part of the dish. when we braise the pork it makes the whole kitchen smell like lime leaves for hours.

              1. re: devain

                I expected it to be mostly fat, never having had the pleasure; meanwhile it was along the lines of the best pulled pork I ever had, but 1000x better. I should have known it was a special breed of pork. A nirvana experience, to say the least. Hope it shows up on the menu again, when I don't have to share!

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                  I'm putting it in a bahn mi for lunch for the next few weeks, maybe $11

      2. Even though I now live in Virginia, I'm a born & bred Long Islander, & can only surmise that you must be there on business. Don't want to burst any bubbles, but can't recall anyone purposely choosing Medford as a vacation spot unless it's changed drastically.

        Do websearch looking further east of Medford. Try Riverhead, Southhold, & other parts east that you're willing to visit.

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          Patchogue is a dining destination for a few place, too. Chachama Grill, PeraBell Food Bar always get favorable mention. Next door Bayport has Grey Horse Tavern, Le Soir and the venerable Satellite Pizza. East side has Bellport, which has a few worth visiting, I think, from memory, worth googling up.

        2. From Medford you can go north on Rte 112 to Port Jefferson and find a large variety of restaurants (formal to informal). On Rte 112 in Medford (just north of Sunrise Hwy/Rte 27) is the Medford Pita House which has great kabobs and very reasonable prices.

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            Good old Port Jefferson. I grew up there. From what I've heard, it's now a hotbed of mediocre restaurants from what were once the 5-star seafood restaurants & lobster/clam shacks of my youth. How very sad.

            1. re: Bacardi1

              5 star??? I lived there in the 70s and nearby until 2003. I loved the cinder block Steam Room of yore... there are good places to eat in PJ now, far better than the old Schooners, etc.

          2. Fat Fish in Bay Shore is very good per MCF, a regular poster on this board. Plus it is waterfront, on the Great South Bay, for beautiful views. I have also heard that PeraBell in Patchogue, Porter’s on the Lane in Bellport and Grey Horse Tavern in Bayport are all quite good. All four of these restaurans are less than a 30 minute drive from Medford.


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              If I'd read your post, I wouldn't have had to waste everyone's time duplicating it. :-)

              1. re: mcf

                You never waste anyone's time on here MCF:-)
                The "venerable Satellite Pizza" - now I'm going to have to go google that up .

                1. re: EM23

                  I haven't eaten there since the early 80s, but the name still always comes up in lists of favorites.