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Jul 29, 2012 10:40 AM

Seine River Cruise

Hi, does anyone have any recommendations for a Seine River Cruise? Is the food good?

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  1. No. It was not even not good. It was awful.

    1. I'll respectfully disagree. We have taken Bateaux Parisiens on two occasions. The trip was well done & the food was good. Nothing mind blowing, but not a microwaved bit of stuff either. I would recommend it as a fun evening as long as your expectations are more for the ambience than the food.

      1. No romantic candlelight, but you can enjoy food and water by combining a picnic with the Batobus. eg: you could pick up picnic stuff at the Maubert-Mutualite (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday mornings) market, walk the couple of block to the river, buy your ticket and board the Batobus on Quai Montebello. Choose a place to debark and have a picnic beside the Seine.

        Note: Batobus operates April through September only.

        1. The food was surprisingly good, even the wine. A bit overpriced, but I would recommend doing it at least once. Pay a bit extra to get a window table. Lunch is not as expensive. Evening is much more, on top of that, when the cruise is over, it is too late (or spooky) to take the subway home.

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            Wow. Surprising.
            With which company did you have the dinner cruise, may I ask?

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              I went with Bateaux Parisens too. The food was decent.

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                Sorry I know this thread is quite old, but if any one is still around. I am looking into the Bateaux Parisens, and I would like to know if anyone recommends the 2.5 hour Dinner Cruise or the 1.5 hour Dinner cruise.
                And if it is worth it to pay extra to sit by the window.


                1. re: GraceW

                  There was a lengthy discussion of boat cruise dining, "Eating on a boat"
                  In late May. Hope this helps as I have nothing to add to that link.

                  1. re: hychka

                    Thank you for that one--it hadn't risen when I searched.. only older ones.