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Jul 29, 2012 10:31 AM

What is your 5 favorite restaurants on the Riviera - PLEASE

Ptipois, Parigi, Chefjune Beaulieu, Phild, Oakglen - and all others I did not mention. I would deeply appreciate your expert recommendations. I am knew at this, and this would help greatly.

Thank you very much

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  1. I am the wrong person to ask, because I always rent an apartment and decimate the seafood market and Barale ravioli of Nice. But since you asked:
    Food-wisen the most consistently excellent is Flaveur.
    I also like a ferme-auberge which is the opposite of the fussy Monaco kind of places: the ferme-auberge Le Jas de Soupié, in Montauroux. I still remember a roast chicken so juicy tender it could be cut by a fork, served with organic veg from the farm itself.
    There are two casual places in old Nice with good food: Les Palmères and Da Acchiardo. The latter has great atmosphere. Everybody wanted me to try his food and his wine. It was not a restaurant. It was a food commune.
    Two other places with decent food but excellent atmosphere are the restaurant at the Hotel des Arcades. If the patron is in a good mood, get him to show you his basement, a private club kind of space with pics of him and Picasso on the wall, and the restaurant Portofino on the port of Beaulieu sur Mer in front of the yacht club.

    In conclusion: strictly food-wise, I would recommend Flaveur for inventive solidly deserved 1-star level food. And Le Jas de Soupié for good farm eats.
    But since you asked about our favorites, I include all the others. It makes me realize that so often an enjoyable dining experience incorporates so many non-food elements.
    Beaulieu is the one who knows all the virtuoso places.

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      thank you very much parigi, for your kind thoughts. I apoligize, like I said, I am new at this. I just counted all of the replies for the cote d'azur and thought the persons that replied the most would be the most knowledgeable. You and lemarais are the only persons that replied. I have not heard from Beaulieu or ayone else. Thanks again

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        Sorriest about your son.

        "hought the RIVIERA was only the towns from NICE to MONACO"

        I thought the French Riviera stretched from the Italian border (Menton) to St Tropez.

        "thought the persons that replied the most would be the most knowledgeable."

        Well, very wrong there. I am the least knowledgeable.

        Perhaps if you are more specific about what YOU are looking for, instead of what OUR favorites are, you may get more pertinent replies.

        Of the hounds you listed, not everyone goes to the Riviera often enough to have a list of dependable favorites. For example, I myself have a rule of not recommending places I have not visited within the last 2 years. Maybe others feel that way too.

        Plus, we - I mean those whom you listed - have different tastes. Always, if we can answer a narrower scope of what people are looking for, we feel we can give more useful information, and are not wasting your time and vice versa.

        Example: we could go on and on. Turns out you don't have a car, which would make Biot or Le Haut de Cagne (great eats town) or La Turbie a bit of a logistical schlep. If you let us know in the original message, it saves our epistolary breath.

        Have you gone already? How did it go?

        And did you find the meats you wanted in Paris? Were all the replies helpful?

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          Just to keep you up to date, Parigi,the unpretentious Portofino in Beaulieu had declined sadly in the last few years and has been shut for at least a year. No signs of anyone taking over.

          1. re: Piggyinthemiddle

            No way, you just broke my heart !
            That is as bad as the sudden closing of the Auberge du Presbytère of Saignon.
            Thanks for letting us know.

    2. Some additional parameters would be helpful, such as, e.g., casual, high end, etc. Geography, too, the Riviera is sometimes assumed as starting in Frejus all the way to Menton.

      For mid range, we love Le Cabanon in Cap d'Ail, and La Pignatelle in Beaulieu sur Mer. Also a trip to Magiarge in Bordighera, Italy, is well worth the journey!

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        I apologize to you also, my son was sick and I could not get back until now. I thought the RIVIERA was only the towns from NICE to MONACO. so these are the restaurants I would love to hear about, plus EZE. Thank you very much also.

      2. In addition to the 2 restaurants I've already mentioned in my previous post here, I also will put a word in for Beauséjour in the lovely little town of Gorbio, which is above Menton. In this area we tend to prefer the mid range restaurants that are slightly off the beaten track and are not on the tourist lists.

        For this reason we avoid Eze completely, it's ticky tacky touristy all the way.

        Also, La Goélette in the pleasure port of St Jean Cap Ferrat is wonderful. This is a much nicer setting and a much better group of restaurants than the ones at the Beaulieu pleasure port, in my opinion.

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          Agree with all, especially "we avoid Eze completely, it's ticky tacky touristy all the way.".

        2. I'm not an expert on the area but here are a few places we have enjoyed:
          Palmyre in Nice is a tiny place with great charm. Very simple and tasty food at an amazing price (3 course lunch is €15). Get there early (we got the last two seats at about 12:20pm). Chez Acchiardo was closed for holidays last week.
          La Pignatelle in Beaulieu serves decent food with friendly service , but it isn't worth a special trip to Beaulieu just to eat there. The African Queen is the best known place at the port and while the food was good, it was expensive for what you got and we got appaling service when we were there (though we did see a small number of tables treated like royalty, most got the disinterested treatment).
          If you can get there, lunch in La Colombe D'Or in St. Paul de Vence is a great experience. The terrace is very enjoyable, and the food is pretty good. It's quite expensive (most mains are around €30), but it's worth it if you get the opportunity. The dining room has a unique collection of paintings that you just have to see - Picasso, Miro etc.
          Lunch at the Louis XV in Monte Carlo gives a taste of another lifestyle at a lower cost than usual. The generous lunch (including starter, main, cheese, desert, water, coffee, wine plus the usual extras) costs €140. It offers a very refined version of Nicois / Rivieran cusine (the amuse was a tiny Pan Bagnat), with amazing quality ingredients. Service is fantastic but relaxed and enjoyable.
          The Palme D'Or in Cannes offers a similar all in lunch (incl. water, wine etc.) and is a real steal at €66. The terrace overlooks La Croisette.
          Hope these ideas help.

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          1. re: BrianGilligan

            Great report.
            Of course I meant Palmyre, not Palmère, in old Nice. Sorriest re the misspelling.

            LOL, you had a mini pan bagnat at the Louix XV? We used to go to a great Pan Bagnat "outlet" on the waterfront in Beaulieu. It disappeared one year, much to our regret.

            n fact, if anyone chances upon a good one on the coast, please let me know.

            1. re: Parigi

              There was a "Pan Bagnat Party" at the market square in Beaulieu last Saturday night. Admission was €6.50 and included (you guessed it) a pan bagnat as well as music and dancing.
              While having lunch in a cafe on the square on Friday, we watched an old man argue with the waitress about whether €6.50 was a fair price. I was delighted that they totally took for granted the fact that their town would stage such an event in the first place! This could only happen in France.
              Unfortunately we had to fly home on Saturday afternoon, so we missed it...