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Jul 29, 2012 09:59 AM

Ypsilanti array!

My teen son & I have been lunching in Ypsi every week this summer: Beezys, Red Rock BBQ, Wurst Bar, Ypbor, Dalat. He is vociferous that next week's lunch should be Dalat again. I can't argue with Dalat's tasty, light-ish, & economical menu.
Great that there are so many choices in Ypsilanti.
I'm always happy to go to Haifa Falafel & game to try Bona Sera. Also looking forward to a brunch at Cafe Ollie (Cross Street).

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  1. If you like Dalat, you should definitely try and make it out to one of the Madison Heights Viet places sometime.

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    1. re: moose734

      Even better than that are the vietnamese places in Windsor.

      1. re: toro

        Please, before the moderators clamp down, a reco for Vietnamese in Windsor? I have personally had better luck in Madison Heights.

        1. re: Jim M

          I've been here twice while passing through Windsor, on trips between Ann Arbor and Toronto. Definitely worth the stop to get in a good frame of mind for the border crossing to get back home. It compares very well to my go to places in MH - Thuy Trang and Que Hong.
          It's very close to the Ambassador bridge.

          Pho Xic-Lo Vietnamese Noodle House
          1750 Wyandotte Street West, Windsor, ON N9B 1J1

          1. re: bellmont

            That's exactly what I like to do: stop for Vietnamese or Italian, and wait for the lines at the border to go down. Haven't tried this one, though. Thanks!