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Jul 29, 2012 07:27 AM

First Fridays food truck question AND Club Chasse et Peche lunch?

Hi there-
I was excited to read about the street food starting to come to Montreal. But I'm curious if anyone has been since the beginning of the summer, where I read a few reviews/comments about trucks running out and long lines. We are coming up this weekend and I was curious what kind of experiences people have been having lately.

Also, what do people know about the weekday Terrasse lunch at CCP? I have eaten dinner there and adored it but that was in the winter - can't picture an outdoor space. Is is nice?


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  1. Street food is technically still banned in Montreal. However, they have allowed food trucks to attend festivals. The Just for Laughs festival had close to 20 different trucks and it was Montreal's real first big experience with food trucks 9it was amazing!) That festival ended last night. I'm not sure what other festivals are coming up but I do know Grumman has been selling their tacos Sundays at Piknik Electronik

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      thanks! Are the First Fridays still going on at the big O? *double-checks calendar that this Fri is indeed the first of the month*

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        although not a food truck, there is SAT Food lab - which has a similar spirit to this new food truck movement and is on a more permanent basis

      2. Thanks for the info on SAT Lab, and that there is indeed a First Friday. Curious if people have been to the other ones...

        1. There's also food trucks everyday for lunch at Place Émilie Gamelin... so not just for festivals.

          1. The terrasse of Club Chasse et Peche is accross the street in the gardens of the Musée Ramezay; I've not been (only lunch time), but it looks very nice.

            As for food trucks, there might be some at the Natives/Indian festival "Présence Autochtones" at the Place des Festivals.

            There's the monthly event at the Olympic Stadium, but I've read here that there are a lot of people (lineups) and that the best food is gone early; but it might be different as it is vacation time in Montreal.


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              Lunch at Club Chasse et Peche is not only really good, but equally beautiful. It is amazing that they get to use the gardens of Chatêau Ramezay. I would say it is a definite GO!