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Jul 29, 2012 07:17 AM

Cinebistro review

We tried out Cinebistro at Town Brookhaven last night, so I thought I'd write a quick review. I was very surprised by the service - nothing like the old Buckhead Backlot I hated. You are seated in your reserved seats 30 mins before the scheduled movie time. The server comes right away and explains that the food is not coursed (ie.everything comes at once) and that gratuity is automatically added at 17.5%. They take orders and payment immediately on a handheld device, then runners start bringkng out the food. It's very quick service, and has to be to get everything out in the 30mins before the movie starts. The menu is very diverse, but I think the safer options are probably the best way to go. I had rock shrimp rissoto with habenero drizzle, but it was fairly boring. Some grains were underdone, some mushy, and I couldn't taste the habenero that interested me in the first place. But the shrimp were nicely cooked. My husband wasn't really hungry and just ordered the dip platter, with hummus, smoky tomato eggplant dip, pita triangles and a couple olives, tomatoes and cheese wedges. This was the better choice, considering they must have all the food perplex in advance as much as possible. The cheesesteak the woman next to me ordered looked great and will be my selection next time. The full bar and surprisingly long wine list were a really nice option, but I didn't like paying $4 for a bottle of pellegrino as the only water option. Drinks came in plastic wine glasses, understandably. There's no time to finish your food before the trailers start, so you do have dirty plates throughout the movie, but I'd take that over the interruption of servers again. They are very strict that once the movie starts, there is no more seat service.
summary: a neat new option for dinner and a movie. Next time we're going to try out for brunch!

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  1. thanks for posting--ive had similar experience at a different spot---food not very good----for me best to get meal before or after

    1. I also recently visited the CineBistro at Town Brookhaven and would say that jboeke has reviewed it well. I would add that the seating is quite roomy club chairs so you don't have to worry about trying to eat while crammed into a normal theater seat.
      As for the food, I actually only had drinks and a dessert. I had the "deconstructed" peanut butter pie; taste wise it was pretty good but could have been more flavorful. The presentation was ok, probably done a little nicer than a standard peanut butter pie, but it wasn't really deconstructed. They had a fairly good drink list and wines at several different price points.
      Overall I would definitely go again and try some of the main course offerings.

      1. Just noticed that my phone must have changed "prepared" to "perplex", probably correcting my typos...sorry for the confusing statement!