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Jul 29, 2012 07:05 AM

Bukowski Grill, Brixton Market, London

The beef short ribs are succulent, the meaty fibres holding firmly together, but also yielding easily, the fatty bits, soft with out any chewy texture. A faint sweetness, especially in the dark charred and slightly stiff, that made for lovely bites to contrast the tender meat. Good depth in the beefy flavours, a hint of smoke. Onion rings with a light coat of batter, hit my soft spot by emphasisng the sweetness of onions. BBQ (salty, tangy, spicy) sauce on the side; only small dabs are really needed, the meat speaks for itself.

The cajun crayfish and prawn popcorn was ordinary -- crispy, but one the dense side, rather than spring and light. Enjoyable sauce - creamy but appropriately thin, with a pleasant kick to it.

Probably the most recent opening in Brixton Market/Village, and the best of new openings there among the ones I've tried (still haven't been to Cannon & Cannon in BM, as I've already had their fairly nice charcuterie at Borough Market, and the new Jamaican place in BV).

Links to the older Brixton threads here:

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  1. Which Jamaican place? If you mean the patties place that's on the outside of BV near Khaosarn then their patties are pretty good. Nice beef and cheese, beef and saltfish patties with flakey crisp exteriors. Good filling though the saltfish was a little too soft and texture-less. Nothing amazing, but better than most Jamaican patties you'll find.

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      The one across from the patties place (lovepatties?). As an aside I do enjoy those patties too.

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        It's called Fish'n'Wings'n'Tings I think.

      2. We had the Reuben Burger (cheeseburger topped with pastrami) and the pork ribs. The burger was delicious - juicy, cooked medium, topped with luscious slices of pastrami. It was excellent.

        The pork ribs were well cooked. Meat was tender, very easy to get off the bone. However, there was too much spice rub covering the meat which completely overwhelmed the pork. I scrapped off a good heaping tablespoon of the stuff.

        Very nice coleslaw side. I love the addition of the raisins!

        Definitely worth checking out.

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          Feel similarly about the pork ribs -- I do like the porky flavour, and I think the dry rub isn't bad with nice smoky flavour (ancho chilli?), cumin and other spices, but a little less of the dry rub wouldn't hurt.

          The pulled pork, rendered as a Yucatan cochinita pibil, has that blend of smoky orange and spice flavours, tender and tangy, and seemed pretty good, although the sauce does most of the talking.

          Amongst these and the beef ribs, I consider the beef ribs a winner by a huge distance.

          Will have to try the burgers next; many thanks for the tip.