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NoBL restaurant - Lansdowne

gwebber Jul 29, 2012 06:23 AM

I've been to this place a few times now and I've been really quite impressed with it!

It's a small plate type of place, vaguely Mediterranean. We ordered two dishes per person, but order three if you're hungry. Here's what we had last night:

Beef tongue agrodolce: small slice of tongue, charred on the outside, served with a raisiny agrodolce sauce and dressed arugula. Kind of an unusual preparation for tongue, but very flavorful. I just wish it were a tiny bit larger.

Pappardelle with chicken livers: This was easily the best thing I've eaten here. The pasta was cooked perfectly and served in a cream based sauce with braised kale and chicken livers. Really terrific.

Roasted cauliflower: Can't really go wrong here. I adore roasted cauliflower. It was served on the plain side, but it was well roasted.

Moussaka: This was only OK. Ground lamb, well seasoned, served with eggplant and bechamel.

Grilled octopus and potatoes with olive tapenade: This was again, on the small side, but really very flavorful. The octopus had a nice char and the tapenade was a nice counterpoint to the octopus and crispy potatoes.

Mussels with chorizo: This was a nicely sized portion of perfectly cooked mussels with a lovely broth nicely flavored with chorizo. Not greasy at all, as can happen sometimes with chorizo. I just wish there'd been more bread to sop up that broth!

Grilled shrimp with serrano and manchego: Three ginormous shrimp topped with serrano ham and manchego. Again the shrimp were perfectly cooked, but I wish they had gotten a little more charring. They tasted terrific though - the shrimp and ham and cheese made a really lovely bite.

Flatbread with prosciutto, wild boar soppresata and caramelized onions: There was a cheese on here too but I can't recall which one. This was also a nice size (10"). The caramelized onions took over from the pork a bit, but even so I would definitely order this one again.

For dessert we had the cookie plate (4 kinds of homemade cookies), an ice cream sampler from Franklin Fountain (Hydrox and Peach flavors) and the mini doughnuts (peach) - very fresh and fried to order.

We also had a pitcher of sangria base (we brought our own wine - they have pineapple punch base as well).

Four four people the cost was just over $110.

This place definitely has a few rough edges but it's definitely worth checking out.