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Jul 29, 2012 05:38 AM

DC for the day, opinions on itinerary.

Hello everyone,

I am a frequent visitor to DC for work reasons and find myself in the area a coming Monday in August.

Typically I am at the mercy of others for Lunch and Dinner choices, but outside of a couple meetings I will be on my own for Breakfast, Dinner and Cocktails at night.

I am staying at the Renaissance Downtown and this is what I have come up with so far.

Breakfast: Flight arrives into IAD at 8:30am. Thinking about checking out Blue Duck Tavern.

Lunch: Working Lunch, venue to be chosen by someone else.

Dinner: Leaning towards "The Pig". This will be an early dinner during happy hour as I will be catching the Nationals Game afterwards. For reference two of my favorite places in DC are Central and Estadio. So any other suggestions are welcome.

Cocktails after the game: The Passenger. I seem to end up here alot and love it. If there are any alternatives let me know, but the fact that its great and walking distance from my hotel makes it a good option.

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  1. Blue Duck Tavern has a great breakfast you could look at Tabard Inn Or Poste also. They are all great choices. You can't go wrong with any of those.

    I have never dined at the Pig and don't know much about it. I believe that it's only been open for a few months? If you love Central and I do too I think you would also enjoy Bistro Bis. Jaleo is similar to Estadio. I would choose Bistro Bis.

    1. I haven't been to the Pig, either, it being so new. If you go, definitely report back. If you want to go another route, I'd throw out Brasserie Beck or Birch and Barley as well.

      1. Thanks everyone for the recommendations. I think I will give The Pig a try and report back. The menu really jumps at me, so despite being new its definitely worth a visit.

        1. So I went and tried "The Pig" on Monday night and it was a very enjoyable meal.

          Started out with a Wilbur cocktail, not much to it, but well mixed. The bread and swine butter were superb. Honestly they could serve that butter as a stand alone appetizer and I would probably order it.

          For my meal I ordered the Porchetta and Boar Spoonbread. Porchetta was one of the best dishes I have eaten this year. Pork Belly was melt in your mouth good and the brain stuffing balanced the dish out nicely. Gravy was very good as well, a bit sweet in certain bites but extremely tasty. The Spoonbread was also well done and the boar meat flavor was very pronounced which I enjoyed.

          Definitely adding The Pig to my regular rotation when I am in town. Thanks again to those who responded.

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            Thanks for the trip report, I've been meaning to try The Pig.