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Jul 29, 2012 05:05 AM

Makin Jamaican Food Truck - Malden Center T

Anyone try this truck yet? Thinking about making a trip this week to check it out. No menu posted online.

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  1. I will try it in the next day or two and let you know how it is :-) I live not too far from there.

    1. A friend gave their beef patties the thumbs up. I'm looking forward to trying that truck, too!

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      1. re: gimlis1mum

        By fortuitous coincidence, I will be transferring from Orange Line to commuter rail at Malden Center tomorrow evening. I now know where I will get dinner.

        1. re: markin617

          Tried the Curry Chicken dinner tonight. I'm no expert on Jamaican food but it seemed tasty with a good (but not searing) spice level. Accompanied by rice and peas (plain white rice optional), plantains and some cabbage. Don't know if the cabbage was supposed to be spicy but it wasn't. Was $7 for the basic dinner plus $.50 for the plantains.

          Also on the menu were vegetable and meat pies and coco bread and another curry (might have been goat but I can't remember). Should have snapped a pic of the menu with my iPad but I keep forgetting that I have a camera with me. Some sodas too, which I didn't try.

          Menu also said "Full menu coming soon" so more items might be available some day.

          Bottom line - I enjoyed my dinner.

          1. re: markin617

            Thanks for the report back. Sounds like its definitely worth a visit. From his facebook page, it seems like his Curry is what hes most proud of. Looking forward to more reports.

      2. Okay so it will be later in the work schedule

        1. Just tried the Beef Patty ($2.50) - nicely spiced filling. Maybe a tad pricy but tasty all the same.

          1. According to their Twitter feed, this truck will have an oxtail special tonight to celebrate Jamaica's 50th anniversary. the usual location (Commercial Street in Malden, right across from the Malden Center T stop).