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Jul 28, 2012 09:40 PM

3 nights in LA- recos for MUST eat restos for Lunch and dinner

Hi fellow CHers
My hubby and I (mid 30s) arriving in LA on AUG 10 for 3 nights staying downtown LA. Will have car. What are the MUST EAT/BE @ in LA (Downtown, Beverly Hills, etc)

Nothing spicy please:

1) Lunch: best food trucks and "nice" restos not too formal
2) Dinner: casual and chic/trendy delicious restos but moderately very good but not too expensive (prix fixe welcome, degustation welcome)


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  1. "but moderately very good but not too expensive..."

    Those ("moderate" and "not too") are very imprecise terms that often mean completely different things to different people, depending on their financial circumstances and normal spending habits for dinners out.

    What is your upper dollar limit you don't want to go over for food and drink, per person, with tax and tip included?

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    1. re: Servorg

      I do agree with you that price is very subjective. For example the Montreal's dining scene at a moderately expensive (Italian, French or market cuisine) would cost approx 100$ per person with one decent bottle of wine and 2 apps 2 mains tx and service incl.
      I guess we r looking into one resto at about 100$ per person category for a MUST eat at in LA
      And a few recos for under that price category


      1. re: CookingQueen

        In that case for your dinner option I like (as recommended below already) Red Medicine in Beverly Hills or Animal on Fairfax just a bit south of Melrose. Downtown you should really look at Rivera.

    2. If you want just about the best seafood in downown you should consider The Water Grill. Drago Central for modern Italian and very good. Check out their websites and menus and you can decide. A few minutes from down town is La Serenata de Garibaldi for gourmet Mexican Food at reasonable price. (not the Westside Location).

      1. Not a truck just a stand setup 4 days a week, Ricky's Fish Tacos in East Hollywood is the best. Lunch only Thurs-Sunday. Always check his twitter account first to make sure he's open and his hours for the day & you can find out his specials. This week he has swordfish tacos too. Not spicy.

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        1. re: wienermobile

          Actually wanted to try a food truck and people are recommending Ricky's so if we r in east LA for sure it's a go!
          Will report back when I return

          1. re: CookingQueen

            Ricky's is not in East LA. He is in Hollywood.

            1400 N. Virgil, Los Angeles

            1. re: wienermobile

              Sorry yes that's what I meant....not exactly same destination though ;-)
              Thank u

        2. 2) Dinner: casual and chic/trendy delicious restos but moderately very good but not too expensive (prix fixe welcome, degustation welcome).
          Red Medicine meets and exceeds every descriptor and requirement you have listed. You can easily get out for $50-$100pp.

          1. Sotto - Italian and Pica - small plate peruvian both excellent.

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            1. re: BSW6490

              Both great selections. I would add Dan Tanas.