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Jul 28, 2012 09:28 PM

Recs for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner in Coraopolis/Pittsburgh?

We are going to Pittsburgh on Friday and will be staying in Coraopolis. We are meeting friends who are coming from Indiana - meeting halfway. None of us know anything about the Pittsburgh area and are hoping for some guidance. We don't mind going into the city at all, but don't know if we even need to. Nothing terribly 'upscale', but we are all fairly adventurous eaters. Thanks so much for the help!

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  1. In the Coraopolis area:
    Breakfast - Eggs N' at is a small diner on University Blvd that is good.
    If you are looking for a fancy and higher price place the Hyeholde restaurant is good.

    Downtown and close to downtown which is only about 20 minutes:
    Meat & Potato
    Six Penn
    Cafe du jour - is byob
    Fatheads if you want a big sandwich and beer.

    If you are looking for a good beer and pub grub, Bocktown in Robinson area.
    Dasonii Korean Bistro in Robinson area.

    I'm sure others will have some good ideas.

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      Was in Pitt over night a few weeks back. We ate at Eggs n At and really liked it. The standard sausage and eggs fare was well done and the corned beef hash I had was quite good. I mentioned it on another board and a local 'Burgh blogger concurred it was a fine breakfast place.

      We also had dinner at Nadine's after seeing it on DD&D. We both loved it. I ended up with meatball and fried baloney sandwiches. The meatball was very good, the fired baloney even better. Mrs Sippi had the roast beef sandwich and it was awesome. She's told just about everyone she'd leave me for the sandwich.


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        Thanks so much! Lots of good ideas - now I just need to settle to a few. I think that Eggs n At is definite for Saturday breakfast!

    2. The area where you are staying dosen't really have a lot to offer. The Hyeholde is a very nice restaurant in the area, but it can be a bit pricy. A short drive to the village of Sewickley has a few nice places in a beautiful quaint town. I really like the Sewickley Hotel which is informal/tavern type setting but the food is very good and the atmosphere is nice and comfortable.

      1. Thank you all again for your help! I didn't see the info about Sewickley until today, unfortunately - we'd have loved it, I'm sure. We ended up eating at Forgotten Taste, Kiyoshi, Eggs N' At and Cafe Raymond. The folks we were meeting are great cooks and brought lots of food, so one of the meals was a feast in their room! Kiyoshi was fine - not great, but pretty good. The others were really good! It was especially nice having a great place to go to in the Strip area. We loved that place - daydreamed about retiring to P'burgh!

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          It's cheap enough -- really!
          And loads of great food.