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Jul 28, 2012 09:23 PM

Black Chicken (Silkies) — where to buy in the Bay Area?

Where to I get these bird poodles!? Berkeley would be ideal, but SF, Oakland, etc. is fine too.

How expensive are they, as opposed to good old chicken (i.e.with feathers rather than fur)?

Also, any tested recipes would be appreciated. Although I'm thinking of a plain roast with salt/pepper, as I mainly want to see how this type of chicken tastes vis-a-vis regular chicken. I've read these kiddos are pretty lean, so suggested temp/time for roast would be greatly appreciated too. The recipes I've seen so far (of mostly Asian persuasions) all seem almost too spiced/herbed.


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    1. I'd be curious to hear how they taste roasted. I believe they are normally used for soup only.

      1. Definitely saw them in Chinatown SF last trip though I couldn't say which poultry store on Stockton. They were a featured product, however.

        1. I see them every time I go to 99Ranch and I would love to know how they taste and what cooking method(s) you used