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Jul 28, 2012 08:37 PM

El Gaucho's Double Secret Promotion

All three El Gaucho locations are offering $50.00 off for couples of 2 and $100.00 off for groups of 4 if you tell them when they bring the check. (This offer expires August 3.)

I am not sure why a marketing person would develop a promotion, keep it secret and not even inform most of their employees, but it DOES exist and makes dining their more affordable especially if you order the broccoli.

It's kind of like "Group On" but not that single wide trailer "group on" they do in Bonney Lake or in the mansions in Medina.

Be sure and tip the total amount before the discount.

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  1. Not so secret. The Puget Sound Business Journal did an article on it. Also includes $150 off for three couples (must order 6 entrees). They will be trying a number of promotions to see what gets people in for dinner during the slower summer months.

    1. Any idea how long this will last?

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      1. re: Boychucker

        Errr, per the OP the offer expires 8/3. You're welcome!