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Jul 28, 2012 07:23 PM

Looking for good seafood in Greenville, NC

My family and I will be in Greenville, NC for a few days and I was wondering if anyone knew of a good seafood restaurant.

I know Dixie Queen in Farmville is good but they don't serve beer or wine. The only other good seafood restaurant, Cliff's Seafood is closed, I think. Does anyone know of a decent, non-chain restaurant there? Many thanks for any replies!

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  1. There's the Mayflower- which is sort of a less good Dixie Queen- but I don't know if they serve alcohol. GK Cafe has good seafood on Fridays, but again, no alcohol. Cliff's has been gone for years.

    One of the sushi places is about the best I can come up with. Tokyo Japan has some local seafood.

    1. Although not a fried seafood place, Atlantic Grill has a decent amount of fresh seafood on their menu

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          Evidently. Go figure. They were open earlier this year. Any idea when they shut down? I was planning to have dinner there in the spring, but something came up last minute. Their Facebook page looked active at the time.

          1. re: veganhater

            A few months ago, I think. IIRC the owner had trouble keeping a decent chef in there.

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          I am puzzled and confused by your post. Can you clarify or elaborate?