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Jul 28, 2012 06:52 PM

Indian or Thai near Portland ME?

We are staying near North Windham, ME for a while and SO loves ethnic food, particularly Indian and Thai. Is there any decent ethnic near Windham or else in Portland?

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  1. I can't really speak to the Indian piece as my wife is not a just haven't frequented the Indian restaurants...but Hi Bombay has been around forever on the outskirts of the Old Port and Passage to India has survived on Wharf Street for several years (which seems to be a hopeful sign). Haggerty's is a Brit-Indi takeout spot on Forest Ave closer to Windham that many seem to enjoy.

    As for's not a traditional Thai restaurant but Boda is one of our favorites...inspired by Thai street vendor fare. The Thai Basil Tom Collins is an awesome adult beverage to enjoy with your meal too...

    For more traditional Thai...I really enjoy Verandah Thai just off outer Washington Ave at 295 and its sister restaurant Verandah Noodle Bar across the street.

    Mekhong Thai seems to have fans on Forest too...I just tend to head to Verandah.

    1. Boda is really delicious. As Lawshark said, it is not a traditional American-Thai restaurant but more an upscale interpretation of Thai homestyle and street food. As for the more standard Thai fare, I have no suggestions.

      For Indian, I absolutely recommend Taj - . The menu is online and they have a very good buffet. It is in the spot previously occupied by Aroma, which was also good although I think Taj is better.

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        FQ...thank you for the heads up on office is in the Maine Mall area and I am always at a loss for what to get for lunch...this has passed right under my nose...I'll have to check out Taj soon.

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          Taj looks promising, esp as my SO loves a good Indian buffet. It looks online like they have a Sat buffet so we will likely try this out.

          I think Boda will also be a must try based on comments about it on this board.

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            We had lunch at Taj yesterday, Sunday, and it was really good. A few different items in addition to the usual suspects (biryani, chicken tandoori). There were about 10-12 buffet items to choose from plus dessert. Our favorite was the eggplant curry that was really different than anything we've had. In addition they brought warm naan to the table as well as freshly made dosa. Cost was $12 pp which we thought was reasonable. Hope this place sticks around.

          2. In Portland you can't throw a rock and not hit a Thai restaurant. To be honest, I think of most as being about the same so it's usually a matter of convenience as to which I choose with just an exception or two. Boda and Veranda Noodle do not fit the usual mode. Boda has been talked about a lot but it's nothing like your standard Thai place - I don't even think there are any Thai people working there. What the other poster's have said.
            Veranda Noodle specializes in noodles and soups so that's different and I'm often looking for different.

            Like Lawshark, my wife isn't a huge Indian food fan though I've hit up most Portland places at least once. None really blew me away. When I lived not too far away, I went semi-regularly to Haggertys which was OK. I did meet someone from India who told me India Palace is the best place in Portland. It was good but, once again, nothing earth shattering. Maybe he was related. ID like to hear back re. the Indian places to see what you think.

            1. Any one know anything about Thai Place Restaurant in North Windham? This doesn't look very far from where my SO will be working.

              1. For Thai, I agree with most of the posters here. There's boda, which is pretty special. Its owners, Danai Sriprasert and Nattasak Wongsaichua, were nominated for a James Beard this year, I believe. And then there's 12 other eat in/take out thai joints in portland that are at at about the same level. did a series on Portland thai restaurants last year called Thai-o-Rama, so you may want to peruse those reviews to help make your choices. I think Veranda Thai is the next best of the regular thai, but it's a bit out of the way. If I just want something quick for takeout I'll turn to Vientiane or Saeng Thai House. Both have been around for many many years and are reliable staples (I think I had my first plate of Pad Thai ever at Vientiane in the 1990s).

                Kon Asian Bistro doesn't have the best food but it's kind of crazy fun in that it takes the over the top, kitschy polynesian restaurant-style approach to decorating an asian fusion (including thai) restaurant. Everything is red and black and there's a fountain and a big amusing place to have a big fruity cocktail.

                For Indian, there's nothing really, really standout in Portland proper. Most of the Portland places are sort of bland and sad (my husband does like Tandoor tho...). I like Aroma in South Portland (I'm not sure if they're still open?) as well as The Jewel of India. (they're practically across the street from one another). If you're up for a drive to Kittery, Tulsi really, really good.

                The Green Elephant in Portland, an asian-inspired vegetarian/vegan restaurant so tasty that many of us nonvegetarians frequent, makes a good Roti Canai.

                If you'd like to branch out from thai and indian, Saigon in Portland is a pretty good Vietnamese restaurant.

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                  I'd like to second Saigon. I had the best Pho there since my days in SE Asia. I'm almost cried it was so good. I haven't been to a decent Thai (truly Thai) restaurant in Portland, but Boda is an awesome restaurant. I believe it advertises as a high end street Thai, but I don't really think so. I think it's high end Thai fusion. But it's very good. The green elephant is my new favorite Asian inspired restaurant. I did go to Verandah noodle bar and thought it was very ho hum.