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Jul 28, 2012 02:49 PM

Quality restaurant in Ocean City, MD for non-seafood eaters?

My family travels to OC, MD every year. We are a large group with varied tastes (vegetarians, carnivores, pescatarians, etc.) and we always seem to struggle to find good restaurants. Are there any quality restaurants (not our typical boardwalk, breakfast, fast, or otherwise unhealthy foods) in OC that you would recommend? We've tried all of the typically recommended places. It seems the only fancy restaurants cater to steak-lovers or seafood-lovers, leaving our vegetarians feeling hungry. Thanks!

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  1. Have you tried Mother's Cantina? Very fresh Tex-Mex and you can get many menu items with portabella mushrooms or black beans instead of meat.

    1. I have the perfect place for you: Grove Market Restaurant. My boyfriend and I visited OC last summer (I grew up spending summers there and hadn't since been back). We knew the type of food typically offered in OC and were looking for something a little different, and stumbled across this place somehow.

      The food is extremely fresh and delicious, and the place alone is worth it for the experience. We also had an adorable and charming waiter who we still talk about. I'm not sure what the policy would be for large groups - their reservation system is a little strange: you call and leave a message, and if you receive a phonecall back, you're in! (Details and reviews on their yelp:


      It was an extremely memorable meal regardless, and they definitely can cater to all tastes. Good luck, and do let me know if you try it!